Lost: There’s No Place Like Home (Parts 2 and 3)

30 05 2008

I enjoy breaking each episode down of Lost. It’s one of those things I have had fun with this strike-stricken season.

Of course after last night’s brain-exploding extravaganza, I found myself seriously believing this is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched from the pilot where I’m truly enmeshed in what’s going on. We started two weeks ago with the first hour of the finale and there was a three hour showing last night repeating that episode and spiraling into an amazing finale.

It’s good TV.

So let’s break it down after the break. I don’t think there is anyway to get everything all the way in.

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Quick Takes On Finale Of Lost

29 05 2008

I’m going to have to wrap my brain around Lost’s finale.

All I have to say is that Hurley was playing chess with Mister Eko.

That’s all I can say tonight. I’m wrapping my brain around it all. A lot happened. My brain is fried.

So while I’m figuring it out, go to Jorge Garcia’s blog which is really his blog and which is charming and is asĀ  navel-gazing as the rest of us.

I adore smart television. Regardless of Lost’s missteps last year, it was amazing this season.

Bloody amazing.

Lost: There’s No Place Like Home (Part One)

15 05 2008

Well, I guess it’s a bad thing to use a small gold statue of Jesus Christ as a weapon. Want to know how I know?

It happened tonight on Lost.

Too much to think about in these initial moments after the conclusion of tonight’s episode, so what I have to say goes after the jump.

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Lost: Cabin Fever

9 05 2008

So, if your mom is named Emily then you get to choose an object, and if you choose the right object, you are to become the Island’s next Dalai Lama?

Okay, Carlton Cuse/Damon Lindelof have changed the rules again and my initial reaction is WTF? I’ve also been saying to myself that Destiny is a fickle bitch because that’s what this episode was about.

Let’s talk Lost after the jump.

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Lost: Something Nice Back Home

2 05 2008

Jack is back and we see him drunk and drugged out acting all … well, Jack.

Spoilers if you haven’t seen it after the jump …

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Lost: The Shape Of Things To Come

25 04 2008

Lots happened on Lost last night. I don’t know where to start but I think I’m starting to understand why Michael Emerson was signed for two episodes and the Powers That Be kept him around.

Spoilers about “The Shape of Things To Come” after the jump.

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Meet Kevin Johnson

21 03 2008

I didn’t do a Lost post last week mainly because I didn’t see the episode Ji Yeon until last Friday morning while I was drinking my coffee. I got snookered with the flash forward/flashback. It was surprising and some questions were answered. Of course, new ones came up.

Let’s break it down after the jump:

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