Squirrels Dancing To Michael Jackson.

22 05 2008

Squirrel Queen is home.

It is a good day.

If you don’t listen to it all, your brain will explode.


I Like It

13 05 2008

From Squirelly.

A Bee Gees Moment, But Squirrels

24 04 2008

She‘s lost it.

Or maybe not.

You must remember she is the queen of the squrrels.

Yeah. life is about all this stuff.

Xanax wouldn’t even help. It’s a good groovy thing built on something that I can’t process.

Squirrels are nifty.

Squirrel Queen’s Legion Kicks Butt

18 04 2008

For Squirrel Queen, as she prefers Miller Lite to Bud Light. Her legion of rodents are strong.

I am so easily amused.

My Day At Chez Coma

4 04 2008

I go through this every day talking about politics. Every DAY I’m telling you.


Go here. You will understand a little better.

Funny Day

3 04 2008


It’s a day of some oddities. I’d tell you about it, but as you know, in this day and age of government secrecy, some things have to remain secret.

So I’m sitting with Squirrel Queen, who’s been on a roll this week and if you haven’t gone over there you damn well should, watching Unbeatable Banzuke.

Yes, we have satellite in Hoots.

And here is a picture of a parrot. I have no idea why but it cheers me. And another one of a groundhog with a machine gun.

The Innertubes make me laugh.

Academy Awards With MST3K And Squirrel Queen

24 02 2008

As you know, I’m not a fan of the Titanic movie that swept the Oscars and made most of my friends who did love it into weeping masses of romantic goo which is fine.

Where were the zombies?

But, I do love Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Squirrel Queen is liveblogging the events on champagne and Pringles over at her house just for the hell of it.

I leave you with MST3K explaining the Academy Awards and Titanic.