Move Is Complete Due To Cool Dudes

8 09 2008

Dear Campers,

We are up due to Chris Wage, who you need to buy every picture he has ever taken, and Sadcox, you need to give your undying support.

Change your dang feeds.

We are at


And, you know, thanks.

Ahh, she’s fine, just tired last week at the Tennessee Soybean Festival.

Come on over. I have to tell you I rode home in only a bra yesterday from Nashville.

Update: Tomorrow here.



3 responses

8 09 2008

Every time I type it for there, it brings me back here…

9 09 2008

We thought we had it but I spoke too soon. Poop. Domain transfer will happen. Man, this is tough but I knew it would be.

9 09 2008

Looking good! I checked out some of the old links and got bounced right back here…excellent Smithers!

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