The Paris Hilton Of Dogs

15 08 2008

I entertain myself in cheap yet fun ways.

The great thing about the skeleton is that I had everyone involved taking pictures with me. Silly fun in odd times.

Incidentally, Mabel’s press junket is tonight. Every bar in the area is letting her come in and hang out. They requested her. Mabel at the Stable (the name of the first bar) is obviously a hit.

She’s the Paris Hilton of dogs.



13 08 2008

In Hoots.

And I’m at the end of the tunnel.

I like it. And this one.

And Your Head Will Think

4 08 2008

Go hear and look at these wonderful pictures now.

I love this kind of work.

Whoa and nice.

I Like This Picture

28 07 2008

I took it and I like it.

Humid. Sticky. Hot.

It’s a sea of green.

Tormenting Eggs

27 05 2008

It make me laugh.

I wish I knew how to be this clever.

From Eat Liver.

On The Road Again …

27 04 2008

I never have enough time when I’m in Nashville …

Sage advice indeed.

H/T My Confined Space

Gropes Not Guns

26 04 2008

Good advice.

From My Confined Space