News Crew Gets A Scare

31 10 2007

This is just funny. Hysterically funny.

The chick in the orange shirt just damn well abandoned her co-hosts to die.


Bigfoot or Bear With Bad Skin Condition?

31 10 2007


Bigfoot or a bear with a bad skin condition?


How Groovy for a fine Halloween morning. I’m going with Bigfoot, dammit. I have to. I must!!


…the only thing certain about the critter photographed by a hunter’s camera is that some people have gotten the notion it could be a Sasquatch, or bigfoot. Others say it’s just a bear with a bad skin infection.Rick Jacobs says he got the pictures from a camera with an automatic trigger that he fastened to a tree in the Allegheny National Forest, about 115 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, hoping to photograph deer.

Yay!!!!! Still taking donations for the first ever Newscoma/Bigfoot Expedition!


Photo from Ap/Richard Jacobs

Scary Scenes #14-Night Of The Hunter

30 10 2007

This isn’t the scariest scene, in my opinion, from “Night of the Hunter” but it depicts some creepiness nonetheless.

Robert Mitchum plays a conman-psycho who has issues with sex in this film, the only one ever directed by actor Charles Laughton. Shot in a surreal fashion probably best suited for a children’s fantasy, it’s creepy. The scenes from Mitchum and Shelley Winters, who just wants to consummate her marriage, is painful to watch but I couldn’t find the eeriest clip, which has Winters sitting in a car at the bottom of a the river.

But this isn’t bad.

Watch this movie as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

Scary Scenes #13-The Day After

29 10 2007

When I was a kid, the movie “The Day After” scared the hell of of me. No, not because Steve Guttenberg was in it, but because no one knew that the bombs were coming.

I was a kid. It scared me.

A lot.

Incidentally, I know the special effects are cheesy. Didn’t matter.

Scary Scene #11 – Pet Semetary

28 10 2007

Squeegee Monkey, the bro-in-law, voted this one as very, very freaked out.

He especially doesn’t like it when cute kid, Gage, asks for folks to come out and “play with him.”

This clip is not for the squeamish of friends of Herman Munster.


Reactions From 1973 About The Exorcist

28 10 2007

This is a bit different to see news footage of folks at the theater after (or sometimes during) the original release of “The Exorcist.”

Keep in mind, this was 34 years ago. I vaguely remember these reports when we would watch the news.

I saw it. It wigged me out. Of course I was 8 years old.

Dog Soldiers-Scary Scenes #9

27 10 2007

My favorite Werewolf movie. When I rented “Dog Soldiers” I expected little.

Seriously, have you ever seen an English soldier fight a werewolf with his fists?

You have now.

Scary Scene #8-American Psycho

27 10 2007

Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

Christian Bale is wonderful in this scene from American Psycho.

Scary Scene #6 – A Clockwork Orange

27 10 2007

In “Clockwork Orange” when Alexander DeLarge is raping the wife of a man his gang is terrorizing while happily crooning “Singing in the Rain” is seriously one of the most horrifying scenes in cinematic history, in my opinion.

And, then this. Messing with eyes is bone-chilling to me.


Blink-Scary Scenes

27 10 2007

Don’t Blink.

For LeBlanc and The School Girl. I wrote about this one earlier this week.

Good scary television. Of course, from the UK.

Ghoulfriend In A Coma

27 10 2007

In keeping with our horror/Halloween thread for no other reason than it gives me joy, here are some things to keep you titillated through the pre-Halloween weekend.

And, no you cannot watch “Failure to Launch” or you will be haunted by dirty, zombie raccoons who will come over to your house and terrorize your cat and pet turtle.

First of all, Hollywood Ron has some great horror movie reviews over at Subtle Bluntness. I love this line in his review of “Dracula 2000”:

To call this film abysmal is to malign abysses throughout the country. To say this film sucks is an offense to every other film that’s ever sucked. This movie, even with the 0 skulls it earned, somehow manages to be offensive even to Living Corpse’s rank of terrible bombs. To say this film really is that bad is an understatement, but…

It really is THAT bad. I watched it for free without anyone else knowing that I did, and I still felt dirty, cheated, raped, and ripped off. I wanted back money I didn’t spend.

Now, Crypto Joe, also known in political circles as Cuppa, takes us to the world of vampires, one that he and I are both fond of:

I like vampire movies, meaning they do not scare me. I enjoy them. A movie which scares me is something like “Steel Magnolias”. The thought of having to watch that movie makes me shiver with revulsion.

And this leads to a question for all of you — what is your favorite vampire movie? Who has done the best job onscreen of being a vamp? A quick search for ‘vampire’ at IMDB reveals thousands of movies to pick from.

How many parents named their daughters “Shelby” after that movie? Too many, if you ask me.

Entertainment Weekly lists its top 20 scariest movies, although I think Horror movie fans will enjoy the list over at Retro Crush a bit better.

And, just for the hell of it, head over to Ghost Study to see pictures of ghosts like this one with a ghoul in the television.


I’d Rather Be Burned As A Witch

26 10 2007


Dog Toothbrush, She Has Her Own

25 10 2007

Another link dump because I’ve been busy brushing my dog’s teeth. I know, but it had to be done. For true horror, remember sometimes dogs eat what they create and, let me tell you, when you are woken up with the same dog licking your eyes in the middle of the night, action must be taken.

I digress.

  • Here’s a new website for women who like horror movies done by, ta-dum, women. Cool Beans. I sorta dig this site called Pretty/Scary
  • Sarah of the Dead talks up two new SAW movies. Sorry, I just saw the first one. It’s was okay but I wasn’t compelled to go back. I’m also not a big fan of the whole “Hostel” thing either. I’m not in to the Torture Porn thing. Sarah says she will go. I’ll read her review.
  • This is so damned cool I cannot STAND IT!
  • The movie “Audition” weirds me the hell out.
  • I think Mabel would look awesome as a pirate. She does have a Santa hat. She’s not fond of it.
  • Here’s some political horror for you.

Have a groovy day.


Boo Just Isn’t Scary

24 10 2007

Let’s be clear. There are rules to Halloween that must be followed but there are three camps of philisophy.


The first camp things that you need to look cute in a princess outfit or very manly if you are a guy to go to Halloween parties. I must tell these people that I respect their choices, but alas, they are wrong to be hardcore Halloween enthusiasts. If this were a zombie movie, however, these would be our heroes which pains me to no end.

The second camp actually understands All Hallows’ Eve, All Saint’s Day, its roots as a Gaelic festival. I truly find this all interesting and intriguing, but that’s not why I dig Halloween.

It’s the screaming (I’m kidding for crying out loud.) Halloween, for me at least in the traditional American celebration (commercialized, very commercialized) is about controlled fear, letting inhibitions find a small opening where they can be released.

Life is about true horror (death, fires in California, Serial Killers, child molesters, rapists, living during war) or lesser horrors that eat at the soul nonetheless (dissatisfaction with current situations, fear of life, fear of not living, Dick Cheney.)

Yeah, that crap is terrifying.

A plastic Dumbledore mask (so what. You know what I’m talking about) a dripping mad professor face made of thin, smelly rubber where an eye is dripping down a cheek or just a natty set of vampire teeth just aren’t that frightening. This, my friends, is not as scary as the real horrors in this world.

Why do I dig Halloween?

Yeah, the screaming. (I’m kidding.) And the monsters grabbing at your ankles under your bed as you lie there are night not knowing whether to stay under the covers until the sun drives them away. Man, I hate that. Sorta wigs me out.

I don’t know, I just like it. So there you go.

Many of the photos I’ve been using are from Vintage Halloween on Flickr


Alex, I’ll Take Huckabee. Question: Who is Chuck Norris Supporting?

23 10 2007

I’m feeling a hankering to change the layout again over here.

Stop me before I do it.  This happens when I start getting a little bored. And I am. Which means I do nothing healthy or positive during these times.

So, to keep my mind as sharp as a tack, let’s do a political linkdump, as I have been a bit busy on that front lately:

Creepy picture up top that I found from 1961. Who, in their right mind, would dress up as their grandmother for Halloween.

And, yet again, I laugh.

James Brown, Halloween and Fun Phone Calls

11 10 2007

Things that make me happy….

1. People who call me covertly about “information.” I love this. And, ironically, it wasn’t really a story, but I guess I did what I needed to. I love this part of my job. I think it’s fun. I know the editorial staff loves this too. It’s sort of way-groovy. I like the alien calls I used to get, but haven’t gotten those in a while. Long live rural newspapers!

2. Halloween sections in box stores. Although, they aren’t as fun as thrift stores, there are still really bad latex faces that just make me laugh.

3. Getting a phone call from a very nice man who asked me all the right questions in a very weird time of my life. Thanks, my friend.

4. Phone calls from people who want me to help them with this new project I’m working on. That makes me happy. I’m on my way. Just tell me a time. 🙂

5. Good Lord, Yes. Unfortunately, some people have taken the fun and intensity out of news. Umm, I love this.  :). I love this stuff, the buzzkill administrative stuff, argh.

Take care. I’m doing the best I can now. So go here because it will give you joy and it is Halloween awesome, because it’s JAMES BROWN, DAMMIT!

Halloween Coming Down

5 10 2007

It’s official. Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year, is right around the corner. I love the holiday, horror movies, creepy stuff.


With that said, I saw this photo today and I so want to do this. Guacamole in a baby doll. Man, that is clever. If you are grossed out, here is a picture of a badger.


Pop Candy has more groovy Halloween stuff, crafty weirdness and the like. With that said, I wonder what kind of pumpkin Tennessee Jed will do this year. Here’s what he did last year, which is more than wonderful.

Jag, it’s our favorite time of the year.