Changes Brewing At Newscoma

6 09 2008

Tomorrow, I’m going to be changing some of Newscoma and, admittedly, I’m a bit scared because it’s change. Change is terrifying.

This has been in the works for most of the summer, but I’m moving Newscoma to where I can take ads. I’ve been asked and, for a long time, I resisted the idea. I asked some great minds like Jackson Miller in a series of emails in the spring (he is truly one of the coolest people ever) and Sharon Cobb was one of most supportive people ever about going ad-based. Heather and Ivy have also been a great inspiration and I thank them for fielding emails from me when I was wigging out a bit. And Sadcox is the dude. He has been just wonderful. My buddy, Chris, is going to help me out here with the techy stuff as I’m a moron about certain things. My main hesitation is actually learning widgets and stuff that I didn’t have to use before. I’ll learn it but it may take me some time.

As I said, bear with me.

So Sunday is the big day. And, as I walk into a bit of the unknown, I’m worried that you guys will wander off.

I started a magazine in 1993 and it was a lot of fun. We had a good time with it and it’s still around although I’m not a part of it anymore. I kind of feel the same way I did back then. Anxious, a bit excited and, you know, afraid of failure and burning in a huge blaze of public humiliation.

Basically, nothing is going to change here other than new digs, you will see some ads and possibly some collaborations with some folks who are working in the news business.

So, if it’s a bit wonky around here in the next few days, please bear with me. I’m trying to be transparent about it all so if you come to a page that has weird code on it taking you to a midget porn site or something equally as freaky, send me an email. Once it’s all done, change those bookmarks and your feeds (you can already) to

As we launch the new site, I have some giveaways next week from the Red State Update guys so stay tuned to that as well.

And send me some courage, as change freaks me the hell out.

She's Coming Too


What Katie Said ..

1 09 2008

What she said.

Just go read it. KAG breaks it down, and on a small plane, I understand what she’s saying completely.

Tennessean Talks Blogging

20 08 2008

In today’s Tennessean, there is a story about bloggers across the state from Knoxville to Memphis. Not a bad story but it amazes me that they didn’t link the bloggers they were talking about.

It’s a start though.

Of course, Silence has been telling us this for years.

Anything Goes In The Internet Era

19 08 2008

An article out of Pittsburgh takes on the mainstream media’s recent reaction to the John Edwards scandal. But the story is more about how the blogosphere is changing news delivery.

Such is the inevitable result of the revolution in the communication of news in the anything-goes Internet era. The old standards of how and when to report a story have gone out the window when instant disclosure is the imperative; anybody with a laptop can become Walter Winchell or Matt Drudge.

These are discouraging times for reporters who grew up under rigid restraints on pursuing stories within established boundaries of truth and accuracy — and with regard for privacy and reader sensitivities of all sorts. Those olden days, when a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking and was never reported, are long gone.


With the blogging phenomenon already elbowing itself into mainstream print outlets, you can expect more sensationalism ahead — especially in the once gray and staid top dogs of the circulation-sinking newspaper business.

If you are in news, you blog or if you are in news and you blog either personally or professionally, I encourage you  to read the whole thing.

Blogging About Blogging

15 07 2008

Do you ever get to that point in your blogging, non-virtual world where you run out of ideas?

Yeah, me too.

I sometimes struggle thinking whether or not I should post about my mindthink on politics (remember, I’ve become a conspiracy theorist, heh) and then sometimes I’ll post things that interest me.

Other times I navel gaze and talk about Homer (who is in Gatlingburg and got caught in the toxic spill on I-40. She had no idea what was going on other than she was stuck in traffic. If I know her hubby, Squeegee Monkey well at all, he refused to turn Fred off of XM which might have helped them understand their predicament.) The people who she is with are making her go to Dixie Stampede. I’ve heard of Dixie Stampede but I’m unsure if this is Homer’s thing. I don’t know if watching buffaloes run while eating will entice her. Then again, she might love it. One never knows.

We could start a Zombie Stampede restaurant. (Write this down in Newscoma’s brilliant ideas that never reach fruition.)

I’ve always thought the best thing to do is just blog about what you want to. There is also a new blogging age going on, in my humble opinion, where bloggers are going to go to their niche. I sometimes read new media strategists and think “Man, that’s cool. What the hell are they talking about?” I also read some mommy bloggers who are clever and think “I love my nieces but, man, that is a lot of responsibility.”

I tend to like the disc jockey approach to blogging but that’s just me. The days of BG being at the old Nashville is Talking is over. And with blogs monetizing (which I plan to do as well. Call me a sell out and also, if you know how to do technically groovy things, let me know) things are changing.

We create our own brand. True story, an A-Lister that will remain unnamed told me I was too all over the place. I thought about that because if an A-Lister said it, it has to be true. Right?

Well, wrong actually.

I thought about it and finally determined that for me, I like being all over the place. I’m okay with that. As long as I do this as a hobby, I will do what I want to. If I get paid, I’ll blog about whatever the entities paying me want me to write about. Until that time, you are stuck with liberal politics, Bigfoot, Zombies, goofy pictures and life in Hoots.

As for the black widow bitch of a spider that chomped on my foot. Well, my leg this morning does feel like it’s going to fall off but I don’t have the big gaping wound that some folks get. Last year, Killa got bit on her upper thigh and let it go several hours. Bless her heart, that girl was illing and I was worried about her. After seeing her and her hubby struggle with it all (he got bit too), I decided to go in to the doctor immediately. I think I’m going to have a luckier time but it hurts more today than yesterday. Back to drug therapy as this is a bit more painful than I had imagined.

Did I mention I hate spiders?

I did. Well, I’m repeating myself.

Blogging is about being a modern day pamphleteer making your ideas flow. Be it a discipline to communication or writing, promoting yourself or banging the drum for your cause.

You aren’t going to please everyone but if you please yourself, you win. And it it moves to another level, then that, my friends, is of the good.

Now, go see Bobblehead George in Greece. My gift to you.

The Voices In Your Head

19 06 2008

I’ve read a few posts lately, where people are asking their lurkers to unmask, comment, and I’m kind of puzzled as to why?  Why do you need to know who’s looking at you?  Are you worried about stalkers?  Well, if so, then I guess I’d have to tell you that you probably should have thought about that issue before you started blogging.  You know, before you threw your life out there on the intarwebz, for all the world to see.  It’s really the equivalent of allowing random strangers to come into your house and root through your undie drawer, in a mental way.  You know that, right?

Missy goes on to write about her perspective on how blogging opens up the world and how she welcomes everyone. That they read her posts and then they move on. That’s true. I have found that blogging is doing just that. It’s bright and shiny but then it’s moving on to something else bright and shiny.

I’ve met a lot of bloggers and I hope to meet some more. With that said, I dig comments. I don’t really worry about stalkers in my virtual world.

It’s the ones in the real world that make me take pause.

Rex’s Theory

15 06 2008

Rex is writing this morning about bloggers and writing longer entries. Of course, I’m here only to blow his theory out of the water as I offer you this.

Finally, I have this theory: People don’t read past the first paragraph of a blog post (or the first sentence of an e-mail). If you are reading this sentence you are completely blowing my theory. You are to be commended and you prove that at least one person — you — still has an amazing attention span. Congratulations. Now, go read a book and enjoy your day.

I’m one of those cats that reads the whole thing. I never think something is teal deer.

Unless, of course, I think it’s too long to read.