22 02 2008

In our Lost watch, the best I can do today is not hack on the computer but as I’m wickedly devoted to recapping this puppy, let’s go.

First of all, I honestly think in the past seasons that Kate was one of the weakest written characters. Sort of like Jessica Rabbit “I’m not bad I’m just drawn that way” and in all fairness, pretty Evangeline Lily can exude sadness as well as anyone but she tends to make me want to sigh deeply and drink Cosmos until I’m in a stupor. The romances on the Island go from being annoying to “Hey, Sawyer is one sexy-ass dude” back to me praying the smoke monster will show up and rock someone’s world.

But last night we saw a shift of where Kate Austin was finding her own strength and writing her own destiny sans Jack and Sawyer. And I thought it worked.

More observations after the jump:

With the possibility of rescue, Kate needed some questions answered. Of course having sleazeball Miles be the people who had those answers sent the fugitive on a quest.

  • We learned that John Locke is realizing that in some ways he is becoming a dictator and although there was some initial hesitation on his part, when he put that grenade in Miles mouth, he crossed the line and set up part of his own destiny. Did you notice he didn’t say he wanted to protect those people under his care but said that he needed to protect the “island.”
  • The courtroom segment, in my opinion, was the weakest scenes this year.
  • Why didn’t Kate want to actually complete the deed with Sawyer. She said she wasn’t pregnant and she was sure as Sawyer acted a bit too enthusiastic for her liking. The female in me immediately thought that her Aunt Flo was in town but that’s just me speculating because of some of the clues popping around.
  • Jack. Oh Jack, you dunderhead. Sayid apparently did a trade and knowing the bond between the Iraqi and Kate, I’m sure she had some indication but Jack did his famous coming to conclusions that he had no information for. Has he not realized that Kate is more independent that he gives her credit. And why doesn’t he want to visit Kate’s house. We know that Claire and Jack are half-brother and sister so is that it?
  • Playing Captain Obvious here, but where was Claire and why was Kate raising Aaron, which was an awesome cliffhanger. Claire’s psychic said that the young mother needed to bring up her baby. My question is will Aaron grow a tail and become some kind of demon. I’ve always wondered about Aaron’s dad (who was an artist) and the paintings on the walls in the hatch in season two. Is that going to come back and be explained. Naaa, probably not.
  • Henry Michael Emerson (Newscoma was on drugs when she wrote this), who plays Ben, is such a good actor and so complex that I sometimes just can’t stand it. He messed with Locke, asked the obvious question of Miles who wanted 3.2 million dollars (that was great) and is doing a slow reveal. Ben as Locke’s nemesis always works. He plays mindscrew with the bald-headed former paraplegic so well it’s chilling.
  • So about how old was Aaron in that last scene? Twoish? Just trying to set up the timeline in my head.
  • Why does Sun want to return to Korea and what was the whole thing about “my baby” but Jin called her out and said “our” baby. Wasn’t she desperate to get away from her gangster father?
  • The obvious great line of the night is when Hurley asked Kate if he’s been scooby-dooed. The most telling line of the night was Ben telling Locke “Here we are, just like old times, except I’m locked in a different room…..and you’re more LOST than you ever were”
  • I realize there may be meaning to the fact that Hurley, Sawyer and Kate had Xanadu in the background but I have no idea what that might mean.
  • I miss the smoke monster.
  • I miss the weird whispers.

I’ve always thought that Lost has those episodes that are a bit weaker because they need to propel the story forward. In some respects, I think Kate’s are usually not the strongest when this happens but last night was still better than most of the drivel on television. I return to my theory that “Eggtown” was designed to show that Kate has evolved into her own person. Jack proved he was still smitten with her in the scene at the end of the show but he’s still too selfish to put his own crap aside.



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22 02 2008
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22 02 2008

I miss the smoke monster and the whispers. And Scary Wet Walt. Life was so much simpler back in the days when all we had to worry about were polar bears and jungle monsters. Sigh.

I’d guess Aaron was twoish. Which would have given her time to buy that house and hire a nanny and everything before the trial. I wonder if the trial was beofre or after Jack’s bearded airport plea to Kate. Oooh, what if tragedy befell Claire and Aaron and Kate ended up having Sawyer’s baby and named him Aaron after Island Aaron? The possibilities are too much.

22 02 2008

I have a feeling that Claire isn’t long for this world.
I know this may sound crappy of me but did she mourn Charlie at all other than for about two minutes.

22 02 2008
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22 02 2008

I was doing the same thing with Aaron. I was thinking threeish, but I’m a pretty bad judge of ages.

I said the same thing about Claire. I’m thinking even money she doesn’t make it through this season (shortened though it is).

23 02 2008

The actors name is Michael Emerson.

I am wondering is Aaron counts as one of the six and who the rest of the world thinks his father is.

23 02 2008

DAng, thicke, I knew that. Sorry, I’ve been sick and it went terrible. He is Henry on the show.
My bad. Been up two days and your the first one to catch it.

23 02 2008

Yeah, so you have an excuse….What’s every one else’s????

25 02 2008

It was the weakest epsiode of the season, I’ll give you that.

But I think part of it is we’ve simply run out of interesting stories for Kate until the producer allow her character to become more than the girl on the run who can’t decide who she’s hot for…

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