Obama World Wide Tour

22 07 2008

I’ve sort of been out of politics for a few days, being reckless and cranky and not giving a damn about my very own apathy.

This morning, as I started to feel like a human being again, I was reading about the Obama World Wide Tour Aught Eight.

First of all, I can’t help but agree with other progressives that Barack Obama traveling is a good thing for this country. What’s wrong with talking to our allies? What’s wrong with having a dialog?

Sharon and I agree completely on this. The world is waiting out the Bush Administration as much as we are.

I’d much rather have a leader that talks things through. That thinks about the direction of this country and it’s role globally.

Last week, Homer, Squirrel Queen and I were talking about patriotism. They thought I was the most patriotic one in the bunch. And I am. I believe in the possibilities and potential of each and every one of us not only in the United States but in the world.

The thing about this country in this history-making year is that for those of us who have personally been impacted by the bad decisions of this current administration, we can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I still concede whoever inherits this country is going to be doing a great deal of cleaning up. No one is perfect and it’s not going to be easy.

But the last seven years of ruling by creating fear has taken it’s toll on so many of us. This is not the country my grandfather taught me about. Hopefully we can move forward.

Idealism is not a bad thing to have.

One last political thought is that I really wish that Al Gore would challenge his former running mate, Joe Lieberman, to an ultimate fighting championship. JoeLie is clueless.  Gore could take him.

Toby Keith, Gay Marriage And Al Gore

9 07 2008

You know, I really thought Toby Keith was a boob. A real stereotype of asshattery and then he has to go and be pretty cool.

“My right to carry a gun is not political,” he says. “I’m an American, and that is my right as an American, just like it’s my right to vote… Do I care if gay people get married? I could care less. It doesn’t bother me one bit. When you look at Al Gore trying to save the planet, that’s not a political issue.”

Instead, he suggests, it’s a social issue that everyone should be examining.

“If the polar ice cap is melting and we’re doing it, I need to educate myself,” he says, adding, “I don’t see things right-left. I see them right-wrong.

Well, dang.

SQ recently saw a bumper sticker that said “I’m Christian, I Own A Gun and I’m A Democrat.”

When I read this article about Keith, I was reminded of that. I don’t know why but it came to mind.

Okay, Keith, you get an AttaBoy.


27 05 2008

It’s a don’t miss post by Sharon Cobb about the night in 2000 when America began to learn what a chad really was. And she has a first-eye account.

I made my way downtown…only a mile from Vanderbilt Plaza, and was telling the crowd what had just happened. The mood went from celebratory to disbelief. Surely our nation didn’t elect a buffoon like George W. Bush.

However, somewhere between my trip downtown from Vanderbilt Plaza, and a few minutes later Al Gore’s trip to downtown Nashville from Vanderbilt Plaza, he decided not to concede.

I was in the middle of an historic moment, though I certainly didn’t realize it at the time.

And that was the beginning of the recount.

I didn’t watch Recount mainly because I don’t have HBO. But even sitting on the sidelines of this historic event, I shared the sinking feeling that Sharon did knowing that something in our country was happening. It’s was more than partisan politics, it went deeper than that.

It was just as much, for me at least, about that are government had changed right before my eyes and I couldn’t grasp the enormity of it. And the knowledge that my vote might not count. It was the first time, even when I backed a losing candidate, that I felt that way. For me at least, it felt horribly and irreparably broken.

ManBearPig Politics

31 12 2007


So Edwards, Obama and Clinton are all in a dead heat in Iowa. Obama is getting the Superman treatment, Edwards says Obama is too nice and Hillary Clinton is trying to get Bill not to eat another cheeto because they are bad for him all while telling voters if she can protect Bill, she can protect Americans. Although Edwards says he will add Bill to his White House if he wins the presidency.

Of course he will. Bill Clinton is more popular than anyone running in 2008. (Of course, that’s just my opinion. It’s also my opinion that I think Al Gore probably laughed at ManBearPig because he has a sense of humor, which others don’t share with me.)


Sorry, I’m a progressive and I just couldn’t pass that up. I offer my apologies ahead of time.

The GOP candidates are fighting like my dogs do over a scrap of macaroni and cheese or the last bit of a hot dog. Man, McCain and Huckabee apparently want to run together because they sho’ don’t like Romney.

“APOLOGIZE!!” Huckabee is screaming at Romney.


“NOW!” Huckabee yowls, joined by the scratchy voice of John McCain. It is a symphony of Republican tenors that rivals only the now-deceased stylings of Luciano Pavoratti.


Nashville voters should be scratching their heads and getting on the phone so their vote makes a difference because right now, there are questions.

So here it is. I will not vote for a presidential candidate in a primary who is trying to offer me fear. I will vote for one that gives me hope.

And that laughs at ManBearPig. (Wait, he’s not running. Damn.)

If politics bores the heck out of you, go here. It’s a picture of a puppy.

Keep this man away from it.


Steven Colbert

21 12 2007

The truthiness vote is in, and this is one award I can get behind.

Steven Colbert has been named the AP’s Celebrity of the Year and I couldn’t agree more. He is declining interviews because of the writer’s strike, according to the article, but he did say this in an email.

“In receiving this award, I am pleased that I was chosen over two great spinners of fantasy — J.K. Rowling and Al Gore. It is truly an honor to be named the Associated Press’ Celebrity of the Year. Best of all, this makes me the official front-runner for next year’s Drug-Fueled Downward Spiral of the year. P.S. Look for my baby bump this spring!”

Jeez. If he only had gotten on the ballot in South Carolina. Wouldn’t have that been just smashing.

Time Person Of The Year

19 12 2007

Vladimir Putin.

Al Gore and J.K. Rowling were runners up.

I was sort of shocked with this one, being, you know, I won it last year and all. 

Kangaroos and Al Gore

10 12 2007

This is going to be random, but hell, that’s just the way things go.


Last night I had a dream that was one of those swirly ones that just kept happening over and over. I walked into a cafe with black and white checkered floors and a soda jerk sort of fountain lining up against the back wall. Three kangaroos were sitting in high back chairs eating slices of pizza.

This infuriated me for some reason.

I started yelling at the kangaroos because I wanted them to start jumping around, because I like seeing kangaroos jumping around. They have a bit of hipster cool when they are bouncing about.

The kangaroos basically blew me off. One lit a cigarette.

Then it was all fast-forward and I was sitting in one of the chairs eating pizza. I kept dropping it and finally, an unnamed voice started telling me to jump around.

I woke up. It was weird. The odd thing is, I really had this dream. I also dreamed my name was Henry, which wouldn’t bother me in the least, because that is what the random voice started calling me. I think Henry is a great name and I would take it in a minute.

In my dream, I had a penguin companion who was also named Henry. Random, faceless voice again.

I know, very strange.

With all of this said,  I woke up. I then went to my television and the only thing on was repeats of shows on CNN that had played five hours earlier. I don’t really like Headline News, so, CNN, if you read this, give us nightowls some news for crying out loud. Larry King gives me the wiggums and there is no reason to repeat him over and over again. Seriously, just stop it and give us folks some nighttime news.

Oh, yeah, I also dreamed that Al Gore would reconsider and run for president.

With all of this said, I give you this random image of the day.

All true (ask Homer and Squirrel Queen, who I rambled to about this today).

Photo from here