Changes Brewing At Newscoma

6 09 2008

Tomorrow, I’m going to be changing some of Newscoma and, admittedly, I’m a bit scared because it’s change. Change is terrifying.

This has been in the works for most of the summer, but I’m moving Newscoma to where I can take ads. I’ve been asked and, for a long time, I resisted the idea. I asked some great minds like Jackson Miller in a series of emails in the spring (he is truly one of the coolest people ever) and Sharon Cobb was one of most supportive people ever about going ad-based. Heather and Ivy have also been a great inspiration and I thank them for fielding emails from me when I was wigging out a bit. And Sadcox is the dude. He has been just wonderful. My buddy, Chris, is going to help me out here with the techy stuff as I’m a moron about certain things. My main hesitation is actually learning widgets and stuff that I didn’t have to use before. I’ll learn it but it may take me some time.

As I said, bear with me.

So Sunday is the big day. And, as I walk into a bit of the unknown, I’m worried that you guys will wander off.

I started a magazine in 1993 and it was a lot of fun. We had a good time with it and it’s still around although I’m not a part of it anymore. I kind of feel the same way I did back then. Anxious, a bit excited and, you know, afraid of failure and burning in a huge blaze of public humiliation.

Basically, nothing is going to change here other than new digs, you will see some ads and possibly some collaborations with some folks who are working in the news business.

So, if it’s a bit wonky around here in the next few days, please bear with me. I’m trying to be transparent about it all so if you come to a page that has weird code on it taking you to a midget porn site or something equally as freaky, send me an email. Once it’s all done, change those bookmarks and your feeds (you can already) to

As we launch the new site, I have some giveaways next week from the Red State Update guys so stay tuned to that as well.

And send me some courage, as change freaks me the hell out.

She's Coming Too



20 responses

6 09 2008
John Carney

You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent. 🙂

6 09 2008

Speaking for myself, but most likely everyone else as well…I’ll follow you anywhere.

6 09 2008


6 09 2008

No worries. Just so long as you’re not changing the blog to where you’re suddenly doing posts where you’re linking to a bowling ball manufacturer or online publishing company you’ve Suddenly Become Extremely Interested Enough to Write About.

If you do that, make sure you link 19 times in the post. I think it’s the rule.

Don’t know what’s up with the caps, there. Maybe I just like using the shift key.



6 09 2008

Oh no posts on bowling. Probably more beer posts as the beer companies seem to be intrigued by me. 🙂
It’ll be the same thing but probably more posting.

6 09 2008

I’d say beer is an acceptable exception to the no shilling rule 🙂

6 09 2008

This is a great move, ‘Coma. Just please don’t post any more pictures of ham sushi. 😉

6 09 2008

Thanks guys. My niece told me to tell you they had Bologna sushi when she was there a couple of days ago.
In her 12-year-old way, she called it Belushi. She doesn’t know who he is, which made it even funnier.

Jon, beer shilling should be my full-time job.

6 09 2008

You will be fine and you will do just fine. After all, you’ve got Mabel the Rock Star behind you… and you’re a pretty good rock star too, even if the carnies don’t like you. 😉

Best of luck, but you don’t need it 🙂

6 09 2008
chez beziat

I look forward to what’s next. You’re awesome and courage looks good on you.

6 09 2008
jim voorhies

woo hoo. midget porn plus giveaways! I have to wait till tomorrow?

Good thing I got on the tubes over the weekend or I would have freaked out on Monday.

6 09 2008

I’m soooo excited for you! And of course, you know I will be there to cheer you on and possibly support your advertisers! Yay! Newscoma’s movin up in the world!

6 09 2008

I’m going to be the opposite of everyone else and tell you to shill constantly. CONSTANTLY. Hell, make every other blog post a self-promotional… wait a minute…

6 09 2008

Yay!!! Good for you! At least you’ll get some compensation (even if it’s tiny) for the great work you do. I was just telling the wife yesterday that I love your blog because I’m drawn to a post thinking I’m going to read about some horrible political situation and end up being disgusted beyond belief by ham sushi instead.

If you need any help on the technical end, don’t hesitate to ask.

Change is exciting

6 09 2008

It’ll take more than ads to scare me off. Rock on.

6 09 2008

I’d follow my soul sistah anywhere…

Sending hugs and courage your way!

7 09 2008

‘Coma, I will read your blog no matter where or what, but I sure hope the ads won’t be the annoying kind that make it take twice as long to load. They will all be tastefully presented in beautiful fonts and alert me to products and services I was previously unaware of but immediately know I can’t live any longer without, won’t they? Oh, silly me, of course they will be. You would settle for nothing less. (Income is good.)

7 09 2008

If Dooce can do it, you can too.

Plus, you don’t write about being constipated, which is a big plus.

WE ARE SO PROUD AND HAPPY FOR YOU. Make sure the beer companies send you samples as well. And the extremely posh and healthy pet food companies, too.


(Of course I just got a visual of Dan Rather saying that, which immediately led to the mental image of the old Bloom County cartoon where he’s signing off saying, “Courage! Bush is a noodle.” The more things change.)

7 09 2008

where ever Mabel leads…i”ll go!

thanks to grandefille for the bloom county reminder…i have a long, lost, forgotten love for opus

now where are all those books?

8 09 2008
lovable liberal

I hope to grow up and have ads someday, too, just like ‘Coma.

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