To Cheer Us Up

12 04 2008

Today is a Joni Mitchell day.


Saul Williams: List of Demands

5 04 2008

I think this is my new anthem. Day-um. SQ found it and I cannot quit listening. The damn shame of it all is she heard it in a commercial first.

Gots to say: Anthem for a new, very sad, political generation tired of the crap.

Also, Trent Reznor produced it.


It’s written on the palm of my hands.

Hour 4 of The Grammys (The Is It Over Yet Edition)

10 02 2008

10:30 So the gabbing and self-congratulatory hoohaw is over. I’m out. I’m hallucinating. I need an IV drip to take me back into the non-television/virtual world. Peace out, campers. Be sure to check your baggage and I hope you had a good flight.

10:27 I’m out. Thanks10:26 HERBIE HANCOCK wins Album of the year! Whoa, didn’t see that one coming. Joni Mitchell. If you’ve never hear Court And Spark I command you to go hear it right now.

10:25 Thankfully, and believe me I’m thankful. It’s almost over.

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Hour 3 of The Grammys And The Benedryl Has Kicked In

10 02 2008

10:05 I’m not up to starting a new post as we enter hour THREE. **sigh** Why are Target commercials moderately cool and Wal-Mart commercials suck so bad that I fight the urge to throw myself into the road? Deep Thoughts from Newscoma.

9:58 Saying goodbye. I liked Robert Goulet. He was fun. Bye folks. I didn’t know Luther Ingram had died. Bad year for Opera with the loss of Luciano and Beverly Sills.

9:50 Twitter is popping on the Grammy talk. And highlights of the night: Vince Gill and Kanye West as well as Amy Winehouse saying “To my Blake who is incarcerated.” The Benedryl is making me hallucinate penguins reading election speeches but I realized I had accidentally turned the channel to CSpan.

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Hour 2 Of The Grammys

10 02 2008

9:00 It’s almost hour three. Hell, why not as I speak to myself . Keely Smith needed to sing on her own campers. Grammy for Rock Album goes to The Foo Fighters. Woot.

8:56 Feist is always fun.

8:55 My mother made me listen to Tapesty by Carole King every day of my life during 3rd and 4th grade. She looks great. EVERY DAY People. Fiest is up.

8:54 I’m distracted by a story I just saw about people born with tails. I can’t help it.

8:50 Here’s a list of who’s one so far. Icky Thump won. Woot.

8:43 There isn’t anything better than cool trumpets.

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The Grammys Where There Might Be Snark

10 02 2008

First Hour- The wine is poured and I have a cold so at any moment I might explode.

7:56 Just experimenting here and the cold has the best of me. I’ll check in periodically. And why isn’t anyone talking about Rhianna’s Wheat dress? Waiting on Amy Winehouse. I know she’s a hot mess but I think she’s cool. I may move into hour two on a new post. Maybe, maybe not.

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The West Coast Turnaround

9 02 2008

This is very cool.


Now, if you want to know who this is, you have to go here because he’s one of Tennessee’s best and brightest.