Newspaper Gaffe

27 08 2008

And this is the stuff that gets you in trouble. I have to say though, I have laughed bout it since I first saw it a few weeks ago.

The obvious line is “Damn, that must have hurt.”

Media Loses Money As Auto Industry Flounders

11 08 2008

I can personally attest to this being absolutely correct.

In the first quarter alone, the auto industry spent $414 million less on advertising than in last year’s first quarter, according to TNS Media Intelligence.

And it’s not just the local newspaper or television station that is hurting from cutbacks in advertising by the local car dealerships.

In recent earnings reports from the major media companies, like Viacom and Time Warner, executives mentioned the downturn in the auto industry as one reason for lagging revenue at cable networks and magazines.

Newspapers were the hardest hit, losing $131 million in auto advertising, much of the decline coming from local dealerships that are having trouble moving cars off their lots.

“You’re talking about cars sitting on lots for 90 days,” said Mort Goldstrom, vice president for advertising at the Newspaper Association of America. “The dealers are saying, ‘I have cars that won’t move. And I can’t advertise.’ It’s because of cash flow.”

Traditional media/old school deadtree folks who deny this is happening make me scratch my head.

I’m telling you, it’s happening. Car lots have always been a huge spender in local newspapers. They aren’t moving cars which means advertising is down because they don’t have the money.

Sometimes, though, I feel like I’m preaching to the choir.

Read the whole thing if you are so inclined.

This Is Just A Good Ad

9 08 2008

The editing of this Nike Commercial for the Olympics is just damned good.

Bob’s Grill

15 06 2008

I would eat there because they don’t mess around.

I love truth in advertising.

From Eat Liver

The Running Of The Squirrels

31 01 2008

You know, I never remembered what company this commercial was for when I saw it originally for one of the Super Bowls.

For obvious reasons, I’m quite fond of it. Do not trust the Squirrel Queen as she will sic her squirrel legion on you.

Creepiest Ads Ever

10 01 2008

Want to see smoking and shaving babies, a Pakistan Airliners Ad that is very freaky from 1979 or Santa with a cigarette? There’s also a woman getting a spanking for not buying the right coffee.

I could not look away.
2spare lists some eerie stuff on the creepiest ads ever.
Yes they are.

The Iowa Factor

3 01 2008

Love him or hate him, James Carville is always excellent for a good quote. He said once, “It’s hard for somebody to hit you when you’ve got your fist in their face.”

Iowans head to the polls today. It could be instrumental is determining who will be the nominees on the democratic and republican tickets. Or not.

But needless to say, there has been a barrage of negative ads, which is not new.  The thing I’ve found surprising, actually is a two-fold issue.

MSM had allowed a lot of the drama to play out on the news stage which doesn’t cost a candidate a dime. Remember, 40 million dollars has been spent there, but the whole Mike Huckabee “free” ad due to a press conference sort of changed the game, at least for a few days. Of course, he appeared on the The Tonight Show Show last night with Leno. Watching Huckabee is interesting to me, because he’s bending, although not breaking, some of the rules, but of course, that’s just my opinion. Or is he just using things available that the other candidates forgot about? His recent actions aren’t new. And if it works for him, he’ll continue to do it.

Whatever. I’m not digging Huckabee but I do enjoy watching him and Ron Paul.  Huckabee may have been guffawed at when he showed his negative ad to reporters, but will voters feel like he’s doing something noble with his vow to “not get negative?” Should be interesting.

Iowa is the first big “dance.” I’ve also always thought is that not only is the caucus about winning the hearts and minds of voters, but of the national political press corp. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but it’s reality.

The field is crowded. Iowa starts weeding things out. Things will most likely start changing in the next two months.

And will the negative come out. Well, it already has now, hasn’t it?

Of course, I’m stating the obvious.