Lost: There’s No Place Like Home (Part One)

15 05 2008

Well, I guess it’s a bad thing to use a small gold statue of Jesus Christ as a weapon. Want to know how I know?

It happened tonight on Lost.

Too much to think about in these initial moments after the conclusion of tonight’s episode, so what I have to say goes after the jump.

Ahh, Richard Albert, how you snuck up on me tonight. I didn’t expect you to show up with all your peeps who were all dressed in brown. And, I love your eyeliner. Of course I still listen to The Cure so that’s how I swing.

First of all, I was glad to see The Others show up. We haven’t seen them in awhile and they haven’t been around lately. I was worried about them. Of course, I knew they were there. I also know there are coyotes round these parts but I only see them about twice a year. Thus, I was glad to know they were still alive and kicking.

The best I can do is some observing about things tonight that I noticed. This was one of those episodes that was setting things up. I don’t think we really gleaned a lot of new information but we set up the narrative for the the finale. I’m cool with that.

  • Everyone that is part of the Oceanic 6 are in different locations. I wonder how that’s going to work out.
  • Rose and Locke got better however Ben and Jack got sick. Jacob (or the island) is non forgiving.I’ve said that before, however, when Sawyer saw Jack he brought up that the crazy Keamy freighter people came after Othertown ” … just like Locke said they would.” It was a subtle (well, it’s Sawyer so take that for what it’s worth) validation that Locke was right and Jack, well, Jack was wrong. Jack is constantly wrong. Being wrong might be Jack’s Constant.
  • Seeing Kate with Aaron in the real world is weird but I also felt sorry for her during the homecoming. I have no idea what it’s like not to have a family and friends. She seemed very alone.
  • We heard whispers before Hurley picked up Jesus to deck somebody. WHISPERS!! I love the whispers.
  • The look on Sawyer’s face when he realized that Hugo might be in trouble.
  • The odometer on Hurley’s car with a badly wigged Cheech. Ooooh, and the coconut. I thought Charley might show up and sing “Hello Everybody.” Seriously, I thought he might. Boy was I wrong.
  • Today is Frank Baum’s birthday. Baum brought us the Wizard of Oz. What did Dorothy say to get home? I think you get where I’m going here.
  • Guys, both Squirrel Queen and I have had appendectomies and I have to tell you. The nurse told me I had to walk the day after surgery. I said sure, no problem. MY GAWD it was excruciatingly horribly I have to tell you, the whole Jack surgery thing is dramatic license and I get that but I didn’t buy it. I was out for the count and SQ’s ruptured. No, you don’t go dancing through the jungle after this. Jack, you annoy me.
  • Jack now knows that Claire was his half-sister.
  • Was Sun seeing Jin for the last time as she stood on the boat.
  • Desmond yelling out “Michael” and not Kevin struck me. Why is the boat wired to blow? Is that box that Mr. Friendly set to go “Ka-boom” if the boat guys try to get to the island. I’m thinking yes but I’ve been wrong before.
  • What’s that thing on Keamy’s arm? Will it made the island/freighter blow if he messes with it.
  • I wonder why Locke’s mother hasn’t show up lately.
  • The others, while wearing brown as it was apparently the preferred color during this fashion season on Lost, were not in theatrical make-up.

So, initially, this is what I have.

Two weeks before the finale.





7 responses

16 05 2008

I’m thinking Kate and Sayid will be part of the Other’s counterattack on the Orchid. Jack and Sawyer will hook up with Hurley outside the Orchid, who’s waiting to see what happens next after Locke goes inside. After or during the attack, Kate, Sayid, Jack and Hurley will escape and pick up Sun and Aaron, who have gotten off the freighter just before it explodes, and eventually come ashore on whatever island they showed them in the photograph.

16 05 2008

That sounds about right. I wish I put in the recap last night of why we still don’t know the answer to why Desmond survived the blowing of the hatch and was running around nekkid.

I thought of it the a.m.

16 05 2008

Jack and Ben got sick after coming to the island. Locke and Rose’s conditions existed prior to the crash. I’m not sure there’s much more than that, or why the characters think the island “failed” to heal them, or didn’t keep them from getting sick.

I too was really expecting to see Charlie in Hurley’s house.

Where was Kate’s mom? I know before the trial they were still estranged, but still…you’d think she’d at least show up to welcome her home. Not only that, where was the law to take Kate back into custody? For that matter, her dad is still alive as well. The military one, not the one she blew up in the house.

True, Locke was right about the Freighties being hostile but he was wrong about the Barracks being safe. Jack was wrong about the opposite. They were both right, and both wrong. I like the balance.

16 05 2008

How did any of them survive the implosion? Weren’t Locke, Eko and Charlie all inside the hatch as well as Desmond? Desmond was just right next to the failsafe keyhole…

16 05 2008

Good point, my Cyber Lost Buddy. Very good points all the way around.

16 05 2008
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