Your Mabel Moment Of Zen

2 09 2008

Sometimes, all one needs is a good roll on the floor.


Dumbest Dog Ever

30 08 2008

This is the most masochistic dog I’ve ever seen.

Dog And Kid Blogging

9 08 2008

Duff being held in a death grip by Chuck.

My dogs are saints.

Creepiest Photo Of Mabel Ever

5 08 2008
Shes Bitching At Me As Duff Looks On With Pity

She's Bitching At Me As Duff Looks On With Pity

Mabel Involved In Political Scandal

27 07 2008

Reports have come in that presidential candidate, Mabel, has been immersed in a political scandal of astronomical proportions.

A secret camera has found that Mabel and an unidentified female that we think might possibly be a communist participated in a **gasp** terrorist fist bump.



Mabel immediately had her campaign team do damage control but other pictures were found.



Mabel, accused of working in collusion with America’s sworn enemies responded in a press conference this morning.

She then met with her chief of staff, Duff Rove, for a meeting on world security.

Mabel Meets With Top Advisor, Duff Rove

Mabel Meets With Top Advisor, Duff Rove

In a written press release, Mabel said that she is working on gas woes. When asked what kind of car she drove, she responded “Oh, that kind of gas. I was working with Alka-Seltzer.”

She is considering getting back in the race. “This is fracking amazing, ” she muttered.

Old Dogs

6 07 2008

Kirby is 12.

She was a dog we got from SQ’s mom and dad when their Schnauzers named Shultz and Sophie kind of hooked up. (Okay, they hooked up for two seconds and, BAM, babies.)

We said we would take the first dog out of the gate. It was destiny or something like that.

We got Kirby, who we received the day Kirby Puckett retired. She is also named after a West Tennessee drag queen named Eve Kirby.

We don’t discriminate.

The next day, the oldest niece was born. That’s kind of special, if you ask me, which you didn’t but I will tell you anyway.

Kirby lost an eye trying to escape a pen. The other eye is just blind.

She doesn’t like politics, tomatoes or cuddling. She is also annoyed by Duff.

Kirby is a dog/cat.

I worry for her because she is older, but she is a pretty, sweet dog. And, no, we couldn’t “cut” her ears so you get the Benji version of a Schnauzer.

When you don’t have kids, you love your dogs.

Just Saying.

A Bunch Of Dogs

6 07 2008

And when they ride in the cab of a truck, they all want to be in the driver’s lap.