Vote For Lynnster

5 08 2008

Very nice.

Go here to see why.

Winston Rand … He Was A Pretty Good Guy

30 06 2008

Winston was from northwest Tennessee and contacted me about a year ago. We had a few emails back and forth and I met him once at Mothership Barbecue. He was always lovely and so encouraging.

And the man could write circles around you.

Winston, from the blog Nobody Asked, died this weekend according to a post written by the Roomie.

Winston passed away Saturday, June 28, after a 38-hour illness and 3 surgeries totaling 12 hours in an attempt to save his life. His memorial service will be Tuesday, July 1, and will include things you may have seen on his blog, such as his recent post about the styrofoam cup that got tossed about in the traffic of life and found its resting place. His favorite song will be played — “The Rainbow Connection,” by Kermit the Frog, as well as a bluegrass version of Rocky Top.

Just last week, I linked to a wonderful post that he wrote about Jimmy Buffet. I have to say that Winston was always kind, smart and clever.

He will be missed and our thoughts and prayers go to Roomie.

He, indeed, was an excellent guy.

Godspeed, Winston.

The AP vs. Bloggers

18 06 2008

From Xark.

He’s ‘tooning about this.

And, yes, I laughed. Go read him everyday.

UPDATE: Hell must have frozen over and the devil must be iceskating because Michelle Malkin and Daily Kos agree on this.

The only difference between the different parties so far has been tactics. Many have been supporting the call first made by TechCrunch to boycott all AP stories, yet Kos is calling for the exact opposite, telling bloggers they should be quoting more AP stories, and large chunks of AP text to force AP to test its threats in a court of law.

Mo’ Better Bloggers

17 06 2008

Sean And Goldni are in the news.

Mainstream has been all about the bloggers this week.


Where Can You Find An Eagle For Sell?

22 04 2008

Yesterday, I laughed harder than I have in a long time. I went over to Sadcox place and he had a post called Some Suggested Reading.

The post links to a story about an animal clinic and is up at Knox News. It’s not the story, which is more than fine, that caught my eye, it was what Sadcox had suggested to look for.

Billie Wacks, commenter, is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. And later on on Twitter I found that Sadcox and I had the same reaction as did Ivy. We laughed our heads off. We all agree that Wacks is whack. And we loved every bit of it.

Jack Lail ended up posting about the cult base of Billie as well.

He writes about comments on news stories and the organic nature of the community that develops:

But then again, there is something going on in user comments that has nothing to with discussing the issue at hand or solving world problems – or even local problems. There’s an organic community evolving that operates much like a small town. It’s not a everything-always-ends-sunny Mayberry, but then again Mayberry was a mythical TV place. No, I’m talking about a “real” small town.

People “know” each other by their user names and “know of” many more. Just like a small town, it can be painfully gossipy and catty and sometimes down right mean. But the characters and voices are rich.

He’s right and this is one of those things that happened beyond the story. Of course, Sadcox and I suggested that Knox News give Billie a blog, but the reality is, she is becoming somewhat of a myth with  just her comments. A blog probably wouldn’t work. Why?

Well, it’s complicated.

Because this is what Jack and the gang are dealing with:

Posted on April 21 at 7:07 a.m.

Wash your hands after you touch a dog or a anmial because they can lick you or bite you on the hand. The dogs in the picture look like they can bite. I never had a missing animal. Cats and dogs can be friends. I hope Jordan will write another story about more animals that dont bite at you instead of this one. The descriptons in the story made me see the colors of everything. … Billie


A dolphins the smartest animal in the world. They have slippers instead of fingers. They can swim and bite. i would like to adopt a eagle. If a eagle had a fight with a snake it would win and I would not get a snae bite. I would call my eagle a good name but I cant think of one to name it yet. It would be a girl eagle like me. maybe i can adopt it from somebody who sells them to you. … Billie

Priceless but it does bring up the question about commenters on newspaper blogs where there are no easy answers. As for Billie, she has given me a great deal of joy. I honestly don’t think “Billie” really exists but if she does, I can’t help but say that she made my night.

Seriously guys, I laughed so hard Mabel barked at me. I wish I were kidding.

Bloggers I Will Miss

13 04 2008

I’m saddened that Nashville Knucklehead has said adios to his blog. He’s one funny guy but I’m sure he will be missed. I think he’s around though. Not sure.

And I want some crack and cheese, dammit!!

I’m extra saddened this morning that my beloved Grandfille is taking a break as well. She is one wonderful woman and I can’t help but feel connected to her although I don’t know her. She was so supportive during the Ednaectomy (Sista, contact me or Ginger) and she is so validating and understanding about the ups and downs of working at rural newspaper and being, how do I say it, a bit more progressive not about politics but about the whole process of news as a whole.

Grandfille, take care. If you need anything, pop me an email.

If You Are Blogging, You Need to Be Reading This …

11 02 2008

And do the laws protect those who practice it.

Go read this.

Just do it. I’ve got to chew on it before I write about it.

Silence says:

This is an apparent first for the state, and if you are a blogger, you should be following this one. I’m no lawyer but it seems to me the blogger, a member of the so-called “nontraditional media,” is practicing journalism and is therefore covered by the state’s Shield Law. That law, generally speaking, allows journalists to protect the identity of their sources.

What say you?

The West Coast Turnaround

9 02 2008

This is very cool.


Now, if you want to know who this is, you have to go here because he’s one of Tennessee’s best and brightest.

Memphis Mission

18 01 2008

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Memphis pondering unmentionable things (mainly because I just don’t want to mention them). Squirrel Queen and I have been driving around Midtown looking at stuff this morning, checking out the landscape, that sort of thing. I dig Midtown and think it’s just ducky.

First of all, if you guys are not reading Vibinc, then you should be. And you should meet him. And he needs to tell you his version of how Scientology began and then you need to pay him for giving you this lovely gift because it definitely is one of the most wonderful things you will ever hear or see in your life. He will most likely refuse your gift of cash, but he will probably let you buy him a drink.

Or he might take the cash. You never know.

I have decided that Left Wing Cracker is going to be my life coach. He has the job if he wants it. Anytime that I feel sort of insecure and useless, I think he will kick my butt and then when I get all bloated and full of myself, I think he’ll set me straight there too. If damn old Scott Baio can have a life coach, then I want one too. And I’m voting Left Wing. (ha, the pun, the irony.)

So, obviously I got to meet some of my Memphis buddies, made new buddies and even talked to Blinders Off on the phone who has this husky sexy voice that will take your breath away just a little. It’s that kind of voice.

Took care of some business, when business was done, had a beer. You know me, that’s pretty much my daily routine.

And then we talked politics and of course, I was in heaven. And, I’m going to say this for the Memphis crew. They are being very proactive in working with their candidates. I really admire and like that. Of course, I was asked who I was for and I hesitated.

And I still hesitate, but I will say this. The Memphis folks enthusiasm in working for their candidates was just about damned inspiring. Because, you see, everyone I talked to last night was doing something. I dug that.

I felt all smiley and happy last night but I had one of those moments that I can only compare to the Meg Ryan character faking the big “O” in a diner in the movie When Harry Met Sally.

I kinda felt like the lady (who was Rob Reiner’s mom if memory serves me right) saying “I’ll have what she’s having.”

I really need to be around political folks who are actually doing something. I need to be around the enthusiasm more than I am.

My secret mission will be taking me all over the place in the coming weeks.

And if you guessed that I was getting sexual reassignment surgery, you were wrong. Just saying.

Amazing, Utterly Amazing

6 12 2007

I honestly don’t know what to say about a video that Cuppa and DeMarCaTionVille have posted with her putting it up right around Thanksgiving.

Rhea County Mayor Billy Ray Patton calmly deals with a sidewalk protester who you can clearly see that no one can have a conversation with. The man rants about immigration and abortion in the eight-minute clip which is hard to watch for a number of reasons.

It’s compelling for a number of reasons, mainly that the leader of a county tried to talk some sense into the man, but on a sadder note, the words that come out of the man’s mouth.

Exemptions of Open Meetings Laws?

14 11 2007

Joe Powell is pissed. And, to be honest, I’m with him. This is ridiculous.

The state’s legislative committee reviewing/re-writing open government meeting laws needs to stop and close up shop, revoke all recommendations and go back home. After first deciding to allow for more elected officials to meet and make decisions on public policy in secret, they now offer exemptions of open meeting laws which only enhance perceptions of corruption.

Give ’em hell, Joe. And it shouldn’t be convenient for politicians. It’s not their government.

It’s the people’s.

Also, go read Michael Silence’s take here. VERY interesting.