Ham Sushi Rolls

5 09 2008

I am constantly talking about the lack of Japanese food in Hoots. As I would eat it every single day if it was, there is a market for me here, but alas, we only have a Chinese restaurant who has a facsimile of California rolls on their buffet. Hell, its a whopping $2.73 for lunch so what the hay.

But this. Well, here are no words for this.

Yes, that would be ham.

I weep for our future.




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5 09 2008


5 09 2008

Was it at least raw ham?

5 09 2008

Tell me that’s a green bean in there with it.

5 09 2008

‘Coma, as I said on Twitter, you have now traumatized me.

Get yer hiney to Knoxville so I can take you to Nama.

5 09 2008
Southern Beale

Oh, urp. That is just so …. wrong.

Honey, next time you come to Nashville, I will personally take you to lunch at my favorite sushi place. Just send me an e-mail.

5 09 2008

I ask again… is that a glob of mustard on one of them?

5 09 2008

It’s not mustard, but it’s some kind of hot sauce that isn’t really hot.

Erin, it’s kind of hard to even explain it. 😉

5 09 2008

Wow… uhh…

Country ham or city ham?

5 09 2008

Now that’s just nasty!

8 09 2008

That’s just not kosher!

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