Doctor Who – The Stolen Earth

29 06 2008

Having watched Turn Left and now the second part of the penultimate episode called The Stolen Earth from Doctor Who, I can only say wow. We have one more week to go when we get to see the finale with Journey’s End.

Courtesy of The BBC

If you haven’t seen it, I’ll put it behind the wall, but I have to say, if this is Russell T. Davies swan song, he’s going out with a bang.

Spoilers behind the jump.

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Doctor Who Finale

22 06 2008

I watch television marathons because I want nothing to do with committing myself to things.

I don’t want to fall in love and have to wait week after week to build the story. I’m greedy and have no sense of responsibility or dedication (well, maybe to Lost) but seriously, I’m the perfect date. I hate getting “married” to something. I want to enjoy it and then go for a pizza.

I don’t waste the money these days on DVDs and I’m not organized or focused enough to deal with Netflix.’

Yeah, I’m groovy that way and at least I’m somewhat honest.

We won’t see Doctor Who until 2010 and it’s making me antsy. As I said, I’ll watch some tube, but I just hate the “attachment” to it all.

When I type 2010 for any reason, it kind of wigs me out. Where’s my damned flying car? I have a PT Cruiser named Steve Austin that I haven’t seen in three weeks. Seriously, I expected to be living in black spandex by now and my own personal jetpack with a robot that cleaned my house and talked to me about politics and robot gender identity.

Doctor Who is exquisite. It always has been. Due to nefarious although not illegal means, I’ve seen all of the latest season other than the Doctor’s Daughter. I loved Tom Baker. I loved Christopher Eccleston (and in some ways, he’s most tied to me for some reason. I love geeky, goofy, smart men and he hit it perfectly) but I’m smitten with David Tennant as well even when he’s most over the top. He does convey emotion and loss so very well and he’s like Macgyver on acid but so much cooler.

Next week, apparently it’s going to be everyone that we know in the 2008 finale. I’m hoping the swaggering Captain Jack from the Doctor Who/Rose seasons shows up and not the manchild who has his own show now. (By the way, Catherine Tate ROCKS the house. She’s just wonderful.)

As I said, as a kid from Hoots, we had four channels. One of them, my beloved local PBS channel, played Monty Python and Doctor Who (ahhh, Tom.)

You find joy where you can. I was an unusual child growing up in Hoots. I realize that’s not much, but it’s true and it’s all I have.

One thing I keep thinking is I reconnected with Doctor Who through the innertubes. I’ve had a couple of people say that if they had to choose between HD computers and digital televisions, they would go with a laptop.

Me too.  I would in a minute. I wouldn’t even take a second to make the choice.

One of those reasons is Doctor Who. Because I have more options to watch it.

And, if you haven’t seen Blink, you should. It will scare the hell out of you.

Neil Gaiman To Write Doctor Who Episode?

29 05 2008

For you Doctor Who-a-philes out there, this may be interesting to you. Here’s the scoop from over the pond, Russell T. Davis, the guy who brought Doctor Who back has stepped down and Stephen Moffatt has replaced him as executive producer. Moffatt is pretty awesome in his own right campers. Neil Gaiman’s, yeah that one, the one I really dig, name is being tossed around about writing an episode in the next series.

If you haven’t read Sandman, you should go out this very second and buy it. And when you are done, read it again.

I’m feeling all Pop-Culture Grrl today.

The Oods

21 04 2008

I love Doctor Who. And I dig the Oods.

Just being a fangirl for a moment. Carry on.

Tom Baker Says Maybe To Doctor Who

27 03 2008


Tom Baker has admitted that he may be persuaded to make an appearance in the revived series of Doctor Who.

The 74-year-old actor, who played the fourth incarnation of the Time Lord between 1974 and 1981, told Kent News: “Perhaps I might make a guest appearance – perhaps. Providing they ask me nicely, of course.”

Oh, how I love PBS who gave me some Tom Baker and made life so groovy when I only had four channels to watch.

And then Sci Fi is bringing back more Doc Who and Sarah Jane Adventures. Sometime I cuss cable and satellite and then I think better of it.

But still …

Dang. The world moves fast.

What If Horton Heard Doctor Who?

3 03 2008

From Sluggy Freelance via Behind the Sofa, today we are given the joy of this cartoon.


Happy Blogaversary To Me

29 12 2007

It’s been two years.


I think the government should give me a bunch of money to build a time machine. Yeah, that would be cool and it would have a keg and David Tennant on board, who would entertain me by pointing out all the cool things in history that I probably have forgotten. Here’s my first post.

In my time machine that the government will pay for because they sho’ do like spending money, I will head back to 1960 and have a groovy dirty martini as I contemplate the next 48 years and how funny looking Richard Nixon was (or is, I wonder). As I wasn’t even a sperm then, I might just spy on my parents, but then that would be gross. Or, I could head back to the nineties, when I made more money and was not as saucy as I am now.

Or, I could just tip up a lovely Bass beer today and celebrate myself. (No one else will, so I have to do it.)

Man, I haven’t changed much, have I since day one, have I?

So thanks. It’s been swell. I’ve enjoyed you guys more than you will ever know. Thanks for lifting a beer with me on occasion, sending me nice emails and even having a friendly debate from time to time.

Blogging. Yeah, it’s fun. Keeps me sane.

Do you get Blog Birthday presents?

No, you say.


Anyway, happy day to you.