Lost: Something Nice Back Home

2 05 2008

Jack is back and we see him drunk and drugged out acting all … well, Jack.

Spoilers if you haven’t seen it after the jump …

Anytime I pontificate on Lost, it’s basically just my opinion of how I perceived last night’s episode. The episode last night, for me at least, gave us a couple of goodies but was basically Jack filler. I honestly like Matthew Fox and I realize he’s playing a character but he is so frustrating with his willful need to NOT communicate with anybody and then demand the opposite from them. He wants people to trust him but he can’t return the favor.

And with his dad popping up everywhere, you can see that daddy issues are being pushed into our psyche again.

First, on the island, I think Cuse/Lindelof kick butt. Danielle is gone as is Karl and seeing Miles dig through the dirt where they were buried was pretty good and they didn’t have a resurrection. The writers do pay it off and don’t take the easy way out. It wasn’t one of those “HOLY CRAP’ moments we have had with the show in the past but it was all right. I’m starting to dig Miles. And Sawyer being protective of Claire was not as surprising as I’ve seen other blogs talk about. He’s a butthole with a heart of gold. We know this because they’ve been telling us it for years now. And didn’t the psychic say only Claire could raise Aaron so why does Kate have him. I think we will see Claire as a special guest at Jacob’s cabin and this is key because it continues the canon from season one.

What I did like about this episode, and I admit it wasn’t my favorite, was that we always get a juicy payoff when Bernard and Rose are on screen every single time. What did Locke and Jack do to piss of the island gods? It was a good question. Rose’s character has faith due to her own experience and is not a zealot but a believer, which in my opinion is two very different things. I also like that Bernard has been utilized effectively in the past two epis.

I also like that Jin is, and has always been, bad ass. The scene where he spoke to Charlotte about Daniel was good but the look on her face when he made his “deal” with him gave me a case of the wiggums.

The surgery, well, let’s go back to Jack being a controlfreak. KNOCK me out if you are going to cut a whole in my abdominal cavity. I’m glad that Juliet knocked him out just to quit seeing him roll his eyes and babbling.

Off the island, is Hurley some kind of psychic ghost hunter or something? He talks with Charlie everyday. I haven’t wrapped my head around this whole scenario yet and I need to think about it.

I also believe that Ben and Charles Widmore are each other’s constant but I could be wrong.

As for the love story, I want to say to all you Skaters/Jaters out there that I think the love story is key although I could care less who Kate ends up with and I’d much rather hang out with Ben, Locke and Smokey. Without love how do you set up actions of sacrifice. You don’t sacrifice something of value if you don’t have a connection with it. And with that said, I think the future was an odd thing and I do find this triangular thing a bit tedious. Juliet actually gave it some depth last night with what she said to Kate. We get it, Kate is loved by two men but she pretty much ended it this season with Sawyer. As for the newspaper, which is always key in Lost episodes, was it a Yankees sweep of just a regular season series with the Boston Red Sox.

Finally, is Kate helping Sawyer’s kid Clementine? She can’t leave LA remember so maybe she’s helping them there.

One final thought, Kate grew up in an abusive home where she killed her abuser. The last scene between them had some very icky qualities that looked as if Jack was being a controlling psycho/drunk freak in it. If Kate didn’t put up with it from stepdaddy Wayne, don’t you think that she’s going to shove Jackieboy to the curb because I do.

And I think that helps set up the timeline from last year’s finale which helps create the current season’s timeline.



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2 05 2008
Sam Davidson

I also like it when Jack said to Kate at the end, “You’re not even related to him!” I wonder if he was implying that he (Jack) is (related to Aaron). After all, he is his half-uncle or whatever. So maybe Jack will learn that he and Claire have the same dad….

2 05 2008

Sam, I think that’s coming, don’t you? And I know this is out to lunch, but why is Miles so interested in Claire?
I wonder if she is even alive. If Christian can hold the baby and has become physical, what is Claire actually died in the explosion.
I realize I’m reaching here. 🙂

2 05 2008

There’s something common to manifestations that appear to the O6 when they’re off the island – i.e. Charlie to Hurley, and Christian to Jack. They’re related, somehow – obviously, since “Charlie” told Hurley that Jack would be visiting, and would be getting a visitor himself.

I think we will see Claire as a special guest at Jacob’s cabin and this is key because it continues the canon from season one.

I’m not sure what you mean by this…can you elaborate? What part of canon would be fulfilled if Claire is being controlled/held by Jacob?

I think we just have to grin and bear any uncomfortableness Jack/Kate/Sawyer may have, because they’re the main characters and TPTB decided early on that’s where the main love story plotline will be. As viewers we can enjoy Charlie/Claire, Bernard/Rose, Jin/Sun, even Sayid/Nadia and most especially Desmond/Penny if shipping is the thing for you….

I think it’s pretty clear that pre-existing conditions are healed when coming to the island – Locke’s paralysis, Rose’s cancer, Christians dead-ness (?) – but things that happen on the island aren’t reversed. Boone, Ana Lucia, Libby – still dead. Ben’s tumor came up when he was here. Jack’s appendicitis. Especially Claire’s baby – she was already pregnant before the crash, so Aaron was born healthy and she didn’t die. Sun’s baby – that’s another matter, as we’ve heard from Juliet. So if you had a hangnail when on the plane, it’s probably much better now. I wonder if other passengers miraculously grew new kidneys, were cured of their diabetes or high blood pressure, or their cavities vanished? Looks like even Sawyer’s far-sightedness has sorta vanished.

Good call on Kate looking after Sawyer’s daughter! Hadn’t thought of that.

2 05 2008

The canon that Christian manifested himself after his death as did Mister Ecko’s brother. That’s what I was referring to.
And one other thing I thought of later but didn’t express as much as I wanted was is Jack supposed to be on the island and is that why the island made him sick. Was the island sending him a message and is he not supposed to leave.
He wasn’t on Jacob’s list initially, was he? Ben needed him for the spinal surgery but not Jacob.
More questions. Hadn’t thought about Sawyer’s eyesight. Good one.

2 05 2008

If I recall correctly, when Bernard took Rose to the healer in Australia, the healer told her that every person has someplace in the world, where their wounds will heal, their chakras align, and their checkbooks balance. His place, the healer’s, wasn’t the right place for Rose, but the island was. The island was also the right place for Locke. I don’t think that means that it’ll be the right place for everybody, so I didn’t even think twice about Jack getting sick.

I am so over Kate. I want more Desmond. Swoon.

3 05 2008

oh my god.
i have not seen the new episode yet
but this post surely makes me want to watch it right now.
would you mind if i quote some of your sentences for my own blog?

3 05 2008

Sure. It’s the beauty of viral blogging joy and goodness. Thanks for stopping by.

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