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Working at a small rural newspaper has its ups and downs. If you want to follow the good, the bad and the ugly, you can go to my tumbler blog which is here.
I’m the managing editor of a bi-weekly newspaper in rural northwest Tennessee. We have our charms, but, to quote Rodney Dangerfield, we also don’t get any respect. That’s alright because I have a pretty good time nonetheless.
I started blogging in December 2005 over here and found the world wide web was actually a pretty small place. If you are expecting insightful political dialogue here, you might get it sometimes. If you want to hang out for the alien abduction stories and weird crap charming commentary about daily life in a small town, we got it right here at the ‘Coma
You see, I think people don’t need to take themselves too seriously. So, I put up sightings of Bigfoot, the latest in Weekly World News (which closed, bastards) and I also talk about my life in a small town. (and for you campers who don’t know me, I’ve lived in Amsterdam, Montreal and several years in Nashville, so I have been around the block a time or two.) Want to know more, e-mail me a newscoma at gmail dot com. I like e-mails. They give me a happy.

You might think I’m a rube, and I’ll laugh with you on that, but also I advise you not to underestimate the people who live in the “country.”

Or me for that matter.
You will see my usual cast of characters crop up and we do talk about Hooterville. This will include:

  • Squirrel Queen. She will bite you but she looks pretty cool doing it and that’s why we love her. She is my special friend.
  • Homer – the smart sister who is a mommy, cusses like a sailor and will give you the shirt off her back. Well, as long as she has another one to put on. She is my best buddy, a neat freak and looks at me sometimes like I am a new puppy she is trying to housebreak from peeing in the floor.
  • Squeegee Monkey – The Bro – in – law who hails from Buffalo, NY but has lived in Tennessee for awhile. He believes in 5 p.m. Cocktail Time, that goats are genuinely frightening and that southerners are charming but scary.
  • Powers That Be- Publishers of the paper. Nice guys. Don’t like the Internet much There are two of them. The “Tall” one and the “Other Tall One”. The “Tall” One is so big that he makes me tongue-tied. The “Other Tall One” Is not quite as tall and gets pissed at me a lot but is funny and makes me laugh. We scuffle, but we get along alright as long as we communicate.
  • ACE (from Corn ’cause it pisses her off) – The Tween niece who has the complexion of Casper the Ghost who likes to rap and dance in a weird way that makes the dogs run under the bed, singing along to Brittney Spears. She is also a Sims addict and won’t let me play.
  • CHUCK (formerly known as Bear)- The little niece who is so striking and a fashion maven but speaks if she did indeed actually live in Hooterville. Her fashion sense at seven years old is legendary and can combine camo and stripes with cowboy boots and make it look damned good.
  • Mabel – The Canine Child who resembles the flying nun and is the baby
  • Duff – The smelly dog whom I love dearly.
  • Kirby -The Blind Dog who is also smelly named after a drag queen and Kirby Puckett. Did I mention she is very, very blind but will bitch slap you at a moment’s notice. It is not charming.
  • Badger – Beth Craven is an artist who is one of Squirrely and my best buddies. She likes beer, bars and burritos, in that order.
  • Scout – Sara over at Scout About is one of the writers at the paper who is talented, will yell at you if you call her shy and hates cheese so much that she will cut you if you suggest she eat it. It’s her way.
  • Big Daddy – As you would expect, this is my dad. He’s a good guy. Recently the other blog brought us closer together after a patchy year.
  • Hello Nurse – Dad’s wife who he married after my mother died a few year’s ago from cancer. She loves him and that is of the good.

We also have a pretty tight network of blogging buddies who will show up from time to time.
We actually have it going on.
Visit often, leave me a comment and drop me an email at newscoma at gmail dot com.

As this page is just a work in process, I’ll add more as I think about it.

Or maybe not.

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