Feel Good Friday

8 08 2008

A little larceny from AC/DC this fine Friday morning.

Feel Good Friday

25 07 2008

This is my favorite Bluegrass song of all time and the musicians playing with Ricky Skaggs SMOKE it.

All hail Ralph Stanley.

Feel Good Friday

11 07 2008

The Mavericks are my feel good Friday choice of the day because they make me feel good.

That’s what it is about.

We Tennesseans do it up right every Friday. Left Wing Cracker, Sharon and Pesky already have theirs up.

More from Jag and Killa

Oh and Squirrel Queen.

UPDATE: Slarti joins in. As does Goldni

Heartbreaktown, Ginger and Badger.

British Invasion Feel Good Friday

27 06 2008

Dang, I didn’t get the memo on British Invasion Feel Good Friday (there wasn’t a memo, I tease, I keed) but I love the British Invasion.

So I’m going to do it again.

More from Squirrel Queen, Killa, Pesky, LWC, Sharon Cobb, Scout, Ginger, Sharon, Slarti and Kat Coble.

Did I miss anyone?

UPDATE: I did. Goldnl.

Feel Good Friday

27 06 2008

You know, the person I want to impress is Pesky Fly. ‘Cause he is the man…. He reminds me of my …


I know, I know …. but she was the Delta Blues theory woman.

I won’t impress but, you know, us liberals …

And this is just fun.

UPDATE: And, hey dude, I get it. Trying to sell a house too so I can move. Somewhere.

But, you know, Yay.

And mine is awesome and a stinker.

Feel Good Friday

20 06 2008

SQ says the lyrics are saying Santa’s breaking down on a camel’s back.

Makes me laugh every time.

I dig the Gorillaz.

Feel Good Friday

13 06 2008

I don’t know. When I was a kid, this clip made me feel good.

Nostalgia, campers.

Feel Good Friday

6 06 2008

The red codpiece is slaying me. Just slaying me.

And it begins …

Ending Feel Good Friday

30 05 2008

Me’shell Ndegeocello

Yeah, I got a haircut. It’s like this.

Well, not as short as Me’shell’s, but short.

Thanks for letting me play to Goldni, Sharon, LWC, Pesky, Ginger, HOLT, HeartbreakTown. and Aunt B.

If I missed someone, I’m sorry.

Been hunting beavers.

How cheeky this song is. I love it.

Feel Good Friday

30 05 2008

I will send an SOS to the world.

Homer loves The Police. And so did I when I was wee and filled with hope.

Homer, my dear sister, would you like this dance?

Is New Wave/80s music allowed during Feel Good Friday. I deem it so.

Feel Good Friday

23 05 2008

I’m inviting myself to this party with LWC, Sharon and Goldnl.

Ella makes me dream of slow kisses that last in the rain for just a second before you can no longer breathe.

I like those kind of kisses.