Huckabee Out

4 03 2008

You know, it’s shocking that he stayed longer than Mitt “my hair is a helmet” Romney.

I’m giving Chuck Norris credit on this.

So, here’s a link if you don’t buy it.

And McCain, who was in like Flynn a month ago is now official.

Now Obama or Clinton?

No one knows. And if they say they do, they are wrong.

Will find out later.


Just saying.


From Shuck And Jive …

10 02 2008

I would hope that the Dems just get happy with which ever candidate wins the nomination. I like Obama, but if he doesn’t get it, then I am with Clinton. I hope those who are for Clinton will accept Obama if he wins the nomination.

You see, this is where I am right now as well.

John Shuck also quotes Molly Ivins in his post saying “In the primaries, I vote to change the world; in November, I vote for a sliver more for programs that help the needy. 

Of course a commenter posted that Ivins said she wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton either but that’s just for you to know and I offer that without comment.

If you are a political news junkie, you probably now know that Barack Obama did very well yesterday, however Clinton has raised a boatload of money this past week. You also know that Huckabee beating McCain 3 -1 in Kansas and also taking Louisiana.

I mentioned Louisiana in a post last night. It appears to me, although I’m no pundit or insider, that our fare friends in the bayou voted for change on both sides of the ticket.

At The End Of Another Political Day

9 02 2008

I’m pondering politics this evening in the way I do which means, regardless of what people think, I try to balance it out. Yeah, we know Huckabee won Kansas and we know there is a ton of counting going on right now.

We also know that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will still be sparring it out on Monday when it’s all said and done which sort of saddens me. We also know that certain members of the GOP are very unhappy about John McCain being the frontrunner, which campers, he still is.

My sis, Homer, made a statement recently that made some sense to me.

“He was a moderate wasn’t he?” she asked.

“Well, no,” I said thinking that wasn’t right but that I also believed that was the perception. “But a few years ago he wasn’t George Bush so he had that going for him.”

“Well,” she said decisively. “He apparently made some sort of deal because didn’t he hammer at Bush like crazy in the past and then suddenly he was like his best friend and trying to convince everyone he’s a conservative this last week. I don’t get that. Did he make some pact with Bush or something?”

I shrugged. No one never knows in the world of politics. Deals are made. Deals are broken. And the American people don’t know because God forbid we need to know what Britney Spears did today. That apparently is more important for crying out loud.

Hell, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter say they will fundraise for Hillary if he wins the nomination but, you see, my sis is an issue reader. We know that is B.S.

With two tween girls, the television is usually glued to Miley Cyrus making a million dollars a day so Homer’s not drowning in news like I do on purpose. And if she’s saying this, I wonder about it’s merit. Her time is scarce and when it comes to politics, she digs in and she has to digest things quickly without Fox News yelling at her or Lou Dobbs telling her things are broke.

Because, here, we believe there is a lot broken but it’s our country. And, by gum, it can be fixed. It will take hard work, but it can be repaired with the right leadership who concentrates on making things right and getting it together.

You see, Homer is a pretty astute woman. And she remembers things like an elephant. And she remembered McCain’s big change of attitude. She also doesn’t dig mice and is phobic about snakes but I digress.

I thought about this. I’ve heard this before.

But here’s what I’m thinking tonight.

What’s going on in Louisiana? A state that suffered the worst natural disaster in my lifetime in this country then was ostracized by many for just being New Orleans, an event so devastating that it got me to blogging, quite frankly. What will those folks do?

What will those states that have been ignored unless it was politically convenient, what will they do?

So much to think about. So much to dissect.

And Obama took Washington and Nebraska.

Ron Paul says he won’t run third party. Why? Isn’t that was folks want?

But what about the superdelegates?

So much to ponder in this silly little blog post.

I need an Advil and a glass of Merlot. It won’t help me figure it out but at least it will numb the buzz of this election year.

I Write Letters

17 01 2008

Dear Mike Huckabee,

I liked your commercial with Chuck Norris. Honestly, I thought it was good natured and tongue in cheek.. I have friends that say they have met you and that you are a hell of a nice guy. I even liked the way you kept popping Romney in the debates.

But I would rather vote for an iguana on crack than vote for you after all the stuff you’ve said this week. The whole Romney commercial press conference thing which I still think was playing dirty with a smile on your face, The whole changing the constitution thing, the comparison of homosexuality with bestiality, the cooking squirrels in a popcorn popper …

Listen, I get that you believe this stuff. I’m not knocking you on that although I really want to. What I’m bucking you on is that you might as well tattoo the words “legislating morality” on your forehead.

I like to think I’m a spiritual person, Mike, but I think that’s a personal thing. I don’t want it to be a government thing.

Don’t worry, I don’t like Mitt either.

So, even though I found you amusing in the beginning, now I’m just wishing you’d just go away.

And I’ll be the first one marching if anybody tries to change the constitution for the reasons you cited.  And lay off gay people.

Take care. We just need to keep you in Arkansas…



Squirrel Corn

16 01 2008

I have no idea where Random Man found this but I’m sort of all grossed out and feel yucky about it.

When we were in college we used to take a popcorn popper — because that was the only thing they would let us have in the dorms — and fry squirrels in the popcorn popper.
— Mike Huckabee
Umm, yuck. I live in Hooterville, but I don’t partake of the varmit. No matter how it is cooked. I wonder if the hair messes with the buttery flavor.
He just lost Squirrel Queen’s vote … umm, wait.

Mr. Potato Head And The Presidential Candidates

6 01 2008


I don’t know why this amused me, but it did.


It’s not at all unusual for folks in this town to meet at least one of the presidential candidates. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Chris Dodd et al. have campaigned amid Clinton’s 27,000 residents in recent months.

What’s unusual — okay, a little odd — is for someone to have met almost all the candidates and taken photos of each one smiling with his Mr. Potato Head. That’s right. Mr. Potato Head.

Andy Green is a student that has gotten the presidential candidates to pose with Mr. Potato Head.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.


Mr. Potato Head sort of looks like the son of John McCain, doesn’t he.

Green got most of the candidates with Mr. PH.

H/T Neatorama

Going Aganist The Grain Of Traditional Politics

4 01 2008

I’m seeing so many changes in the political machine that what I thought I knew isn’t really relevant.

I’ve been on the fence between John Edwards and Barack Obama for some time. I’ll be honest, I’ve not been happy with anybody and I didn’t want to get too excited about anyone. And, I’ve been studying everyone’s platform. I didn’t like Edwards stance on mandatory health care and that he gives us the populist speeches that I’m not completely sold on although I like what he’s saying from a philosophical standpoint. I’ve never felt 100 percent sure of him. I feel like he means what he says, but I’ve still felt a bit of hesitancy about him that I’ve had trouble pinpointing.

I’ve always liked Barack Obama, but I felt like I’ve needed to educate myself about him (he has given great speeches over the last few years, but a great speech doesn’t make a good politician. I just didn’t know much about him as a leader). But those very same speeches made me drawn to him and he says things I like. A lot. But I kept wondering if he could translate his message to a rural vote. I think about the rural vote a great deal as I live it, and I know how fickle the rural voter can be. But I like the guy. He is inspiring. He won’t have the Iraq War vote haunting him. He’s been upfront about his recreational drug use, he seems to be more globally savvy (I didn’t say experienced but I think he has more experience than the MSM gives him credit for) and he seems more unifying than, let’s say, Hillary Clinton, who I think is one of more divisive candidates in recent history.

So I watched Iowa, and quite frankly, I was surprised with the final results. I don’t know why really. I thought Edwards might take it because it seems like he’s been running for president for about two decades. But Obama made history in the fact he got new voters out and the undecided liked him. He inspired people to go in the bitter cold to the polls.

You see, I didn’t have faith that people would get out to vote for change. I didn’t think that would happen. I had lost my ability to believe that people would follow their convictions.

And I was wrong.

Even GOP candidate Mike Huckabee got a new vote out. Both winners offered a message of change, and both winners benefited from it.

I read this and it breaks it down.

The strategy went against the traditional blueprint for winning in Iowa and showed the importance of attracting voters outside the small, insular circle of dedicated party activists who have dominated past caucuses.

I really need to pack up my cynicism and pack it in the attic, don’t I? Seven years of our latest White House administration will do that to you.

In five days, we have New Hampshire and we are going to see the formation of several things. Iowa is pretty conservative, N.H. not so much. I expect Ron Paul will do better in that primary.

On Twitter last night, (and may I say, the folks there broke the story much quicker than Mainstream Media did), there was a conversation about a possible third-party candidate. People were sharing information, relevant links from Iowa’s bloggers who were on the ground watching the primary happening. If you like politics, you might want to see how Twitter worked last night. I was out at a family function and by the time I got home, I received more information on that social media networking system than I did from CNN in some cases. And the conversation was inspiring.

Yeah, everything I thought I knew I didn’t know at all.

This is going to be an amazing campaign year. And for the first time, I’m starting to get a little bit excited about it.

And dang it all, if I don’t just love talking about hope rather than fear. I’ve said that before.