The Zombie Chopper

26 08 2008

Combining the 60’s-70’s love of zombies with the 60’s-70’s love of sleazy biker movies is the graphic novel Chopper Zombie.  The bike, inspired by the graphic novel, is the work of Russell Mitchell and Exile Choppers, and it is a thing of gory beauty.  Who couldn’t love hopping on a bike decorated with decaying human parts?

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Zombie Coma

26 08 2008

I have decided I’m a zombie. Apparently, my body quit working about six months ago and I’m wandering around in a daze with ruddy skin and torn garments. I haven’t gotten to the eating brains stage yet though so I guess that’s good. I have been eating a lot of homegrown tomatoes. I guess it’s because they are the color of blood.

I have another bout of walking pneumonia. I knew I haven’t been feeling to hot and Squirrel Queen nagged me to go to the doctor. Then, our classified director said today to SQ when they didn’t know I was listening that I needed to get some medical help quick.

I didn’t realize it was that bad. Seriously, I knew I wasn’t up to par but I blamed the Olympics, the fact that I’m in the middle of what could be a huge change in my life and Geraldo Rivera, because I blame him for everything. I just was kinda used to feeling crappy.

So, in knowing there was some concern in their voices, I threw my hands in the air and said to myself “Coma, allrighty then, what’s 20 minutes at the docs.”

I headed out.

Two hours later, I’ve had thyroid tests, been diagnosed with walking pneumonia, been given a breathing treatment, been given some shot of steroids and been told that my immunity system is down. We are going to work on that in the next few weeks. (Thyroid test was negative which had me sweating (maybe it was the ‘roids) because Homer lost part of her thyroid several years ago and I was nervousing as the nieces say.)

And I’ve been given drugs that would knock out Bigfoot.

I don’t know what is most disconcerting. That I didn’t know how sick I was or that I ignored it. I’ve been ignoring it a lot lately. I have decided that the best thing I can do is an assessment of how I’m going about things.

I also need to stop the breakneck speed of running in place.

The good thing is that news has become fun again. I’m digging it. I like being busy with a purpose, so the timing of this isn’t great, but life isn’t always easy.

So, annoying autobiographical pause here. Let the happy cough syrup salad days begin ’cause I ain’t feeling a thing right now.

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Chainsaw Maid

21 08 2008

This is not for the faint of heart but it’s awesome. You have some incredible claymation, zombies, a bit of sex and a chainsaw.

I’m seriously in shock.

Old Vs. New Media Practices

5 08 2008

Mark directs us to a new policy at CNN.

Basically, employees of the network cannot use Facebook, Twitter, Blog or even comment in forums and chat rooms without permission from the CNN higher ups according to Chez Pazienza, who was famously fired from CNN for blogging at Deus Ex Malcontent. His story is here.

You can head to their blogs to get the vibe of what’s going on.

I agree with Mark who says this:

Did I give up my right to protest or vote when I started working for a newspaper? I hope not.
Many newspapers are actively encouraging reporters to take up blogging.  Newspapers invite reporters to express opinion in the print editions. Newspapers have long held that as long as the opinion expressed is marked clearly as that of the reporter, it is acceptable.

I talk about evolving trends in the news business a lot. I don’t understand why more media folks don’t blog or use Twitter. I’ve seen more breaking news on Twitter that it still boggles my mind.

Ryan Sholin points us to a post written by an outgoing newsman of the LA Times, who is getting out of the dead tree business.

  1. Technology has run laps around the print media — giving readers instant news, open-source journalism, no barriers to become publishers, and an infinite news hole.
  2. The idea that your daily news is collected, written, edited, paginated, printed on dead trees, put in a series trucks and cars and delivered on your driveway — at least 12 hours stale — is anachronistic in 2008.

I think these things are connected. The writer talks about his 18 years with the Times. I’ve worked in news off and on for nearly 20 years. The way I started out has vastly changed in those two decades.

And the blogosphere has changed in the nearly three years I’ve been blogging. Some media outlets get it and have actively worked toward changing their model to accommodate changes that will happen in the future, which is smart. Even some rural outlets do although there are a great deal of folks who do not and angrily (yes, I said angrily) hold on to that the old ways are the only way to do news.

There is chasm that exists between old and new.

And CNN is treating online communication like a dinosaur. When you edit free thought, then what do you have?

Zombies in a newsroom.

Vegan Zombie

15 07 2008

You can get this lovely shirt at Threadless.

H/T Boing Boing

Zombies It Is

10 07 2008

We did a poll which is a Twitter is an in joke. Zombie information you need to know.

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Lawn Zombie Sculpture

8 07 2008


From British designer Alan Dickinson

H/T Boing Boing

Zombie Propoganda Film

23 04 2008

It’s my busy day so I give you this:

Basically meaning, I got nothing. So head over to The Nothing Show. That’s more compressed, fun nothing that what you are going to get here today. Today, you get zombies from me.

Sadcox, please notice my feed. It’s open and free in your reader.

Speaking of feeds, umm, it won’t hurt my feelings if you put Newscoma in that pesky feed.

You don’t want the Commie Zombies to get you. They like me and do my will and stuff.

Impressive Zombie Blog

15 04 2008

Someone named Sturgis wrote a post over at PopFi about zombies. Of course, I was all over it. But guys, if you dig a zombie, we have may just found our Mecca.

It’s Zombie Daily and it’s absolutely smashing. I cannot gush enough. Artist Rob Sacchetto has a zombie a day, zombie tattoos and some of it has some good old pop culture satire going on.

I love a zombie and here’s one of Sacchetto’s:

Zombies In South Carolina

15 04 2008

Xark and Cantalyssa. Good people.

Zombie Lovers as well and you just are going to have to go here to see what I’m talking about.

I guess it’s brains for brunch in zombieland.

Brunch Of The Living Dead

8 04 2008

Go here.

Read every post.

Thank me later.

Brunch of the Living Dead?


I wish I had such a cool header.

Did I say brilliant:

Yeah, it is of the cool.

Absolutely exquisite

I adore Xark.

Zombie Strippers

1 04 2008

As I feel pretty much like a zombie today and very much like ass due to the continual case of the sick, I thought this might cheer us up.

If I Were On A Reality Show, I’d Suck

17 03 2008

I’ve often wondered if I were on a reality show how incredibly boring I would be.

People would see me in my Chucks or Crocs staring at two computer screens looking at the clock with a squint (which usually means I’m hungry or want a beer) and answering the phone in my everyday-professional phone voice. (Which is what you do.)

So if I was ever going to be on a reality show I’d think I’d have to be unreal. I think that’s how it’s done anyway so I’d give it a whirl. I would wear a leather bustier and the reddest lipstick you’ve ever seen. I would whip (hah) through my day with a sashay in my hips that would knock everyone out. I hate fighting and confrontation although I’m not afraid of it,  but I guess I’d have to pick some drama/confrontation thing for each episode and there would have to be kissing. Lots of kissing although I have my limits of what I’ll do on television although this apparently isn’t a problem on the latest installment of Big Brother which I’m not even watching this year.  I would listen to bands that everyone talks about although I’d much rather be listening to Miles Davis or Johnny Cash.

I guess I’d wear stilettos but I’d fall on camera a lot. Unfortunately, reality television LOVES women falling about. I guess I’d need to drink more often to make it look like I’m Leona Helmsley or something.

I’d quote novels written by Lynne Cheney just for fun. Crap, I’d have to dye my hair. I’m starting to honestly think the bits of silver showing up up above my ears is kinda sexy. (Naa, I’ll keep it.)

I also would allow Mabel a starring role as the dog who is put upon. Homer would have to be in it but she’s so busy although Ace and Bear would demand to be in every scene which could get complicated with the leather bustier. (Dang. I’ve never had a leather bustier. I guess I’d have to wear a superhero outfit. Yeah, that would work.)

We’d wander the streets of Hootervegas and ask random questions. We’d go to the fainting goat farm and then drink Mimosas. After that, we’d head to the local haunted houses and act really scared although in reality we know that the ghosts dig us (expect this one place here. YIKES.)

Then we would all have one of those moments like there was real bonding when what we really wanted to do was talk politics respectfully and eat sushi. Being Hooterville, we’d probably be made to eat meat and three and have the local folks looking disturbed (you know, leather bustier and all.)

But, alas, I’d hate to be on a reality tv. I’m not much of a narcissist.

Instead, I’d want to do this.


 This would do. Or this.

Man, I miss Weekly World News.

Screw the telly.

Zombie Elvis Drives

17 03 2008


Mabel questions the fact that Zombie Elvis is driving.

Memphis Zombies Know Fashion

15 03 2008

I might need this.


via the fabulous Lindsey on Twitter. 

Joe Powell’s Brother Is A Zombie

15 03 2008

I’ll let Joe tell you:

My brother’s zombie movie premiered at the SXSW festival in Austin and the reviews have been just fantastic. Okay, so my brother is only a zombie in the movie “Dance of the Dead“, so it isn’t really his movie … but it is in my mind – and his.

The point is the movie, about a zombie horde attacking a high school prom (such fun to write that!!) is a hit with audiences and critics, like Scott Weinberg, and raves from Ain’t It Cool News, and here’s a choice write-up from Cinematical:

The zombies rocket-launched out of their graves are only the beginning. That’s part of an early, truly impressive sequence where the dead begin rising to life in a graveyard lying in the shadow of a nuclear power plant. It looks like dozens, if not hundreds of zombies start bursting forth, shambling around, crying out for “Brains!” (only one of many, many movie shout-outs). It’s an iconic sequence, a turning point in the narrative, and a test for the filmmakers. If they failed to execute it properly, it would derail the entire movie. Director Bishop and his talented team hit the bull’s eye with funny, horrific variations on what you might expect, and from there the game is on.”

No, they did not mention my brother by name, but they did give a massive approval for the movie and it’s zombies and that’s close enough. As soon as I get word of the distributor for the flick, I’ll post it here.

How frigging awesome is that?

And there is picture goodness. Joe, come to Horror Fest and stay with me, dammit.

Yay to Joe and his brother.

Zombie Plague

4 03 2008
From the brilliant Raincoaster via the Mistress CowFish.
 Oh, the joy.

Memphis Zombies

4 03 2008

There are many times that I find my heart beating to the joy that is Memphis. Today is no exception.

It’s almost Zombie time again. I missed it last year. I WILL not this year.

TheoGeo tells us of a benefit concert on March 15th. And look at the groovy poster.

Zombies get in at a reduced cost, as it should be.


And Fearless VK is also talking it up. And here is Memphis Zombie MySpace page as well as their Flickr site.

And there was a short made about last year’s event. You can go here to see Daniel Lee’s take on some of this.

Zombies even makes primary days better.

ZombieCat …

11 02 2008

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Alice : My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corperation, There was an accident, then, everybody died. Trouble was… they didn’t stay dead.

Nicholai Sokolov : [after killing the dog zombie] Stay.

Larry Elvis is smashing as a zombie.

Thanks Jefferson.

Elvis Zombie Bot

24 01 2008

From one of my new guilty pleasures, I’ve been reading the blog And I’m Not Lying For Real, I bring you the tale of the Elvis ZombieBot.

Here’s a picture which shows you the best, as Jeff Simmeron calls it, Rockabilly Westworld.


This guy is one of the funniest writers I’ve read in a long time.

Yay, it cheered me up.