Bigfoot Loves You

30 08 2008

I don’t think it’s Bigfoot in this video. I’m thinking Chaka from Land of the Lost.

The good thing is that it’s a promotional video for the Redwood forest in Humboldt County.

Bigfoot has hit the mainstream. Turn the sound down, it’s Whitney. I’m warning you.


Girl Politics

30 08 2008

I’m going to take a moment to talk about VP pick Sarah Palin.

There isn’t any doubt she is a pretty incredible woman (now that I know who she is) with five children, a meteoric rise apparently in Alaska politics and a hard-core conservative.

I’m going to repeat that several times. She is a conservative.

For my right-leaning buddies out there, I realize this is a slam dunk. I’m not a conservative as you know if you read this blog and I’m really not posting this to you guys but more to my brethren who say they will vote for a woman for the sake of that’s she’s female. McCain shrewdly released the information after the eve of an amazing, historic speech from Barack Obama. As a matter of strategy, no one can deny that this was masterful pr move.

It was an amazing display. I’m going to give the McCain camp that one.

On the other hand, why has this entire race become about girl parts?

I wasn’t a Hillary supporter but I respected the experience and the warrior-like strength of Clinton. She honestly set much of the tone for the DNC convention this year and was very much the statesman/woman about the direction of the party. My lack of support for her candidacy had nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman. It had to do with how divisive she has been in the America mainstream over the past 16 years.

But I respect the hell out of her.

With Palin in the mix, I have to say that the whole “experience” thing has been thrown out of the political spin. I’m guessing that McCain knew that when his camp made their choice.

She was the mayor just two years ago of a town that is the about the size of Hooterville Central. Let’s think about that. Let’s also look at what has happened. In Palin’s defense, I’m offended by the VPILF (or whatever it’s called ’cause I’m not linking it) which is so sexist it’s not funny. If anything were to happen to McCain, we would be dealing with a woman, who in her own way, is a game-changer or so the MSM reports but she is still very right wing and has little experience in foreign relations which is a big deal. I am ok about this that she did but that’s basically the only thing I see as she did not do it for gay rights but due to the unconstitutional fall out so let’s get that balanced out. There are also some scandals attached to her (but in all fairness, there is always a scandal attached) but there is one thing bothering me more than anything.

It’s about her being a woman and that being the home run out of the park. Not her experience or belief system but the fact that “Hey, look, it’s a girl.” That’s the selling point that McCain banked on but when did it become a gender race and not a presidential race about issues facing this nation? A weakening economy, a war, a global uncertainty about the United States intentions, the rights of individuals … are these not important things to be discussing?

I resent that a woman is, once again, being used as a gimmick. I don’t like that. Palin, however, knew what she was getting into so there’s that.

For my conservative friends, I know this is inspiring. For me, it’s just another objectification at this point of a female but I also know you dig her politics and that’s cool.

But for those left-leaning people who are just voting for McCain because he’s got a woman on the ticket, I can only say, look at her track record and tell me, is this what you want one heartbeat away from the White House?

Going to look at Bigfoot pictures to get the buzzing out of my head.

Bigfoot Hoax T-shirt

22 08 2008

Because I’m a Bigfoot enthusiast, I’m getting one of these shirts from CNN.

I’m sort of stoked about it. I’ve always like headline shirts being that I write them for a living.

These shirts make me laugh. So I did a little research on them.

  • CNN is turning select news headlines into T-Shirts
  • These American Apparel T-Shirts are sold at cost; CNN is not making a profit from them
  • The idea is: Wear the news you are passionate about
  • You can view the T-Shirt archive here:

That’ll work. I wonder if they have one with the Chupacabra headline on it.

Bigfoot Cop Gets Fired

21 08 2008

Matt Whitton, the Clayton County, Georgia cop who put a Bigfoot costume in a freezer throwing a bit of roadkill on top of it, has been canned.

You can see the video of the story here on CNN.

He says it was just a big joke. But you need to see the video because the police chief is really kinda cool.

Oh, and I want one of these because it gives me a happy.

Also, see Cup Of Joe’s take on all this silliness.

H/T Undercurrent

Breaking: Bigfoot Still Not Found Except …

19 08 2008

So, I’m photoshopping a million pictures today, one which gave us all a great deal of pleasure in Twitter town. Some photos for pleasure and others for work that will help the paper out with mugshots and that SQ and I were also dog-assed tired. I worked in the pajamas for awhile which is every blogger/newsperson/umm … everyone’s dream.

With the sad reality that Bigfoot is still not found (and dammit, after the media circus that I even engaged in, I don’t blame him) I realized that probably the best way I could mourn was with a six-pack of Country Club ponies and some much needed anti-depressants, things of course I had no access to, I decided to go to a softball game.

Yeah, it was for the niece.

So I get there and realized that I’m truly a disheveled mess with wild crazy doglady hair and legs that rivaled Bigfoot but we won’t go there. Yes, I was in shorts. No, I didn’t pay attention as I stumbled out the door to the car nor did I notice them in the car. Not until I was sitting on the metal bleachers, truly did I see the sad and tragic nightmare which happens to many women. Or not. Maybe it’s just me.

Homer, who was sitting beside me laughed as I delicately tried to hide the abomination from the local fire chief who was talking to me today about a fire that happened. I realized that all was lost and was going to end in tears anyway so I just rolled with it.

I get home to find that the planets apparently have shifted with the news that Toby Keith is supporting Barack Obama and SQ’s sister broke her leg fishing. Yeah, these things happen.

To cure the brain freeze that I went through as I have always thought that hell might be cold at this point because it has apparently frozen over, I decided to follow Joe Lance’s advice, wait patiently and pray for rain although he just said wait.

Random and incoherent thoughts for a pretty decent day except for Squirrel Queen’s sister, who is having a rather crappy day.

Bigfoot Press Conference A Bust

16 08 2008

And I guess that is that:

One of the two samples of DNA said to prove the existence of the Bigfoot came from a human and the other was 96 percent from an opossum, said Curt Nelson, a scientist at the University of Minnesota who performed the analysis.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Bigfoot Press Conference Today

15 08 2008

The big guy’s day is today. Will this confirm or deny his existence?

A photo of a jumbled mess of hair, entrails, water and the carcass of a supposed Bigfoot stuffed in a cooler has recently made the rounds on the Internet along with claims that it is the real thing.

In fact, there will be a press conference to discuss the discovery at noon today in Palo Alto. The organizers say that the results from multiple tests, including one for DNA, will be announced at the event.

Two Georgia men, sporting the label of Bigfoot trackers, claim they found the body while out on an expedition in the state in mid-July.

Following the trip and removal of the body from the woods to their home, where they placed it in a cooler, they contacted self-styled Bigfoot expert Thomas Biscardi to examine the remains.

So far, only one photograph of the body has been released publicly, and the remains have not yet been seen by anyone other than the three men and the scientists they hired to do the tests.

Michael Rugg, curator of Felton’s own Bigfoot Discovery Museum, is skeptical. He says Biscardi has been duped before. In an effort to drum up press for another Bigfoot claim, he made appearances on several major news networks without having seen the actual body, Rugg said. It turned out to be fake.

I want to be a Bigfoot tracker.