I Have My Own Newspaper Box

6 05 2008

Left hand side.

Thanks Christian, that’s awesome.

Dear Steve McNair

17 04 2008

I always liked you. I liked you better when you played for the Titans but I always thought you were groovy.

You will be missed and if you are ever in Hoots, let’s hang out,

Love and whatnot,


Sense And Nonsense: Equal Value

5 02 2008

I’m getting my political happy dance on today as I’m sure some of you are.

My bold non-observations:

  • Bologna is only edible when fried hard in a pan with a ton of cheese on it.
  • I would marry someone who could make me a good crawfish bisque for me and only me on Thursdays. (I lie. I ain’t getting married but I’d tell you I would if you would cook me bisque.)
  • California governor Ah-nold hasn’t blinked in three years due to the plastic surgery on his eyes.
  • McDonalds’ french fries were much better when they were cooked in transfat animal grease. (Sorry vegetarian friends, but I’m an authority.)
  • Coors Light is not beer. It is what it is. I do like to watch the bottle change colors which Klinde and the German showed me one time which was fun. Of course we like beer and cheese and were easily amused at the time by this. Wait, maybe it was just me that was amused. Naaah, it was all of us.
  • Although I’m a lib, I like watching Ron Paul in debates.
  • Everyone should watch All The President’s Men, Shattered Glass and My Girl Friday if they want to be in journamilism.
  • Hot fruit, although a southern delicacy, makes some of us gag. Umm, that would be me. I’m an anti-cobbler advocate as well as, for those of you who have read awhile, anti-jello.
  • Varmit suppers are more common than you think.
  • I want a new template and my blog on a dedicated server but I don’t know how to do it I’m not sure it would redirect from the wordpress.com thing although I own newscoma.com and use it. At my advanced age, I’m having to school myself.  One reason is I want to put javascript on my blog.
  • Remember the name Adams Briscoe because he might, indeed, be a genius.

Yeah, I got nothing. Sense and Nonsense … That’s me.

I think someone should write a Jane Austin parody. Barry and I would star in the film.

Cool Stuff

11 01 2008

Kathy T. contacted SQ last night (I was in a meeting about donated auction items and we had received a Nascar jacket and no one knew who the driver was as none of us watch Nascar. I think we decided on Ricky Rudd. The autograph wasn’t very helpful. To see all of us looking at this Tide coat trying to figure it out was quite comic. I wanted to shout out Richard Petty every two minutes although I knew it was not accurate but he is one of those guys I just happen to know.)

Anyway, she called and talked to Squirrelly (who has a bum computer right now but will be back in action as soon as it’s fixed) and told her about this. I think the stray dog had a better run than I did.

I had no idea. It was groovy needless to say.

I also saw a twitter yesterday about Bad Bad Ivy’s son Nate watching news coverage during the storm scare Nashville had. Apparently, he thinks the news is Newscoma and that Newscoma is the one reporting it to him on the news (not me, necessarily, but we are training the boy young to know that news will put you in a coma. Haa, hee, har, aaa, hem)

That is honestly the most charming thing I’ve seen in awhile and I smiled so hard I thought my face might just break in two. He also thinks a tornado warning is a tomato warning which made me smile even harder.

I love Nate. And Twitter can be fun. Especially when you see little gems like that.


Other cool stuff that I’m going to tell you about that you might or might not care about is that I’m having fun writing over at Teevieo. I told my friend, Scratchy Throat, several months ago I’d love to write about television (actually, I would love to be a media critic. I also want a Vespa. Shut up.) I got to write about Battlestar Galactica earlier today. It was a blast.

I’m also starting a new gig with a group blog on Monday called Popular Fidelity. I’m handling national/international news and, of course, offbeat stuff. (Take that Weekly World News, you traitorous bastards for shutting down.)

Other things, in case you were wondering, is I’m doing the final edit on the book. It’s commercial horror-romance crap literary goodness, but I kinda dig it and enjoyed the hell out of writing it over the past three years. It has demons, goddesses, paranormal sex, death, gore, small-town politics and a bunch of characters in it, cause you know, books have characters in them. I know, I learned a lot in the “How To Write A Novel” one day course I took. I’m going to get it ready and send the sucker out. I think I want to publish under the name Buffy VanBufferstein. (It’s that kind of book and instead of Fabio on the cover, I want one of those romance sort of thing with Jack Black, just to give it spice.) So I’m going to send it out. I don’t know to who, but I’m working on it.

I know, I share too much over here.

Happy Blogaversary To Me

29 12 2007

It’s been two years.


I think the government should give me a bunch of money to build a time machine. Yeah, that would be cool and it would have a keg and David Tennant on board, who would entertain me by pointing out all the cool things in history that I probably have forgotten. Here’s my first post.

In my time machine that the government will pay for because they sho’ do like spending money, I will head back to 1960 and have a groovy dirty martini as I contemplate the next 48 years and how funny looking Richard Nixon was (or is, I wonder). As I wasn’t even a sperm then, I might just spy on my parents, but then that would be gross. Or, I could head back to the nineties, when I made more money and was not as saucy as I am now.

Or, I could just tip up a lovely Bass beer today and celebrate myself. (No one else will, so I have to do it.)

Man, I haven’t changed much, have I since day one, have I?

So thanks. It’s been swell. I’ve enjoyed you guys more than you will ever know. Thanks for lifting a beer with me on occasion, sending me nice emails and even having a friendly debate from time to time.

Blogging. Yeah, it’s fun. Keeps me sane.

Do you get Blog Birthday presents?

No, you say.


Anyway, happy day to you.

I’m Smitten With These Kids

30 11 2007

This picture was taken a few weeks ago when I read to some kids at an afterschool program. I forgot that the picture had been taken, quite frankly, but for once I don’t look like Jason Lee in a mugshot from “My Name is Earl.”

These kids are fantastic, and the photographer is amazing. He’s a man named Robert Nunley and he’s going to be setting up a blog about the kids’ lives before the end of the year. Robert’s work is just fantastic.

And I look alright, for once. Robert is a miracle worker, I’m telling you.


Yeah, you didn’t know I was an old lady, didja?

I Write Letters

8 11 2007

Dear Freezertroll,

You are a genius. People should contact you and ask you to lunch. They should buy you all the Crown Royal and Dr. Pepper with Cherry Vanilla goodness you can drink.

Thank you for making my world better on this FTP thing. I took the day off from work but got some e-mails that I needed to address. Because of you, I could troubleshoot and do some stuff I wanted to do with our new Website.

You have just collectively made my life, and others, much better and more manageable.

I think people should be giving you a dollar just for meeting you.

I’ll work on that.

I love IT guys.



Woof Water And Dog Drool

4 11 2007

Mabel eats things she makes her very own self.

She will drink water that comes out of pots after the plants are hydrated and we have to scoop her up because we are afraid she will drink fertilzer. Thank God there isn’t any anti-freeze lying about because…

You just have to watch her. She’s lovely and vibrant but then again, she is a dog and we have to remind her to get out of the rain.

I am, and I repeat, not going to buy her bottled water, although in all fairness, I have bought her bottled water when we’ve been out piddling around in the car.

Okay, I’m a hypocrite.

And, sadly, I lied, but I’m not buying her any woof water. I know it goes to charity, but, no.

It’s water, campers.

Avery’s Beverages, the 103-year-old city company, began selling Woof Water, a bottled water for dogs and their companions, this past week.
“Woof Water is requested by name by more dogs than any other bottled water,” said Avery General Manager Rob Metz with a straight face. “It was inspired by Dog Drool, from our gross soda line.”
Metz said customers told him they wanted a water they could share with their pets. The result: Woof Water, a pure natural spring water packaged in half-liter bottles. Metz calls it “hydration for hounds and their humans.”

Hell, I’m paying nearly three dollars for a gallon of gas and spent $4.49 for a gallon of milk yesterday.

Mabel would drink out of the toilet, but alas, she’s too short. I’d fuss at her, but she honestly doesn’t listen on these matters.

Although I am intrigued by Dog Drool.

Just saying.

Reactions From 1973 About The Exorcist

28 10 2007

This is a bit different to see news footage of folks at the theater after (or sometimes during) the original release of “The Exorcist.”

Keep in mind, this was 34 years ago. I vaguely remember these reports when we would watch the news.

I saw it. It wigged me out. Of course I was 8 years old.