Newscoma Has A Wreck

19 08 2007

I’m home.

Someone backed into my car while I was stopped getting gas on I-40, didn’t have a lick of insurance and Canadian Elvis fans with several Elvis Impersonators watched the whole thing while I was hyperventilating (not really, just calming down from getting hit really, really hard.)

Everyone’s fine and it really is nothing more than a very much destroyed tail light. The woman who hit me is from California. This is going to be fun. Honestly, we will see how it goes. Her big SUV wasn’t damaged at all.


I’m not upset although I hate dealing with mechanics. These things happen. That’s why they call them “accidents.” I was sitting in park in the car and she just didn’t see me.

And, if you have a crowd of Elvis fans with rhinestone purses gawking AND the added bonus of Elvis Impersonators hanging out with you during times like this, it’s not too bad actually.



21 responses

19 08 2007
Christy N

glad you are okay

19 08 2007

Thanks for the hug. It’s not too terrible and can be fixed.
So glad to meet you yesterday.

19 08 2007
Kathy T.

Well shite. I’d say “NO FUN!” except it sounds like the gaggle of Elvises coulda been something to see! Really am glad you’re fine.

19 08 2007
John I. Carney


19 08 2007

Good to know your car suffered the worse and YOU are okay.

19 08 2007
Chris Wage

D’oh!! Glad to hear you’re okay.. That blows..

19 08 2007

Thanks for the kind words guys.
It’s frustrating, but I got hit by a car with a Canadian Elvis Impersonator watching from the sidelines.
There were three buses filled with these folks.

Destiny or whatnot.
Squirrel Queen and I were fine and Badger was behind us so she didn’t see it.
I think the Elvis tour buses though made her a bit claustophobic.
One again, thanks.

19 08 2007

Omigosh!! *HUGS*

19 08 2007

Yikes. Glad you’re okay. Only you could garner an Elvis audience for a fender bender.

19 08 2007

It was freaky! They were all from Ohio or Michigan or something. They had to open up the shower rooms so we could get through the line better to piss. It was truly crazy, some of the women were invading the men’s bathroom. It was nuts I tell you! So yeah I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Sorry bout your car, that sucks.

19 08 2007
Rob Robinson

I’m glad you’re okay, too, and glad we finally had the chance to meet yesterday. I hope you had fun before hitting the road. 🙂

19 08 2007

I did. Thanks Rob. It will be okay. I keep saying that it really could have been so much worse than it was.
And I really enjoyed meeting you as well. It was a fun weekend.

19 08 2007

Coma, you REEEALLY need to lay off the LSD. Really. Or share.

19 08 2007
The Editor

Ahh honey. Many kisses to you.

20 08 2007
Vol Abroad

that bites – but at least you’re getting a great story out of it

20 08 2007

I’m so glad you’re OK. I hate hate hate people who don’t watch where they’re driving in parking lots.

20 08 2007
Kate O'

Dang. That sucks. Glad you’re OK. And I’m glad you have so many credible witnesses. 🙂

21 01 2008
Celebrity Impersonator Blog

Nice blog site, keep up the good work.

2 03 2008
Las Vegas Elvis Impersonator

God Bless Elvis and The USA. 🙂

28 04 2008
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