Bobblehead George And HAEA

5 09 2008

I’m posting about this because I know Jim and I dig him. He’s trying to raise awareness and some money for HAEA.

Here’s what’s up:

“Where’s Bobblehead George?”( the brainchild of Jim Reams, an avid sports fan and vice president at Nashville advertising agency Frank/Best International. He had a few business trips planned and decided to snap some photos of the diminutive head-bobbing statue to post on WordPress, a free blog service. Reams asked friends to take Bobblehead George on their trips and he put an email link on the site so people could send in their own submissions. It caught on quickly, and Bobblehead George has been spotted in Gatlinburg, TN, Las Vegas, Nags Head, NC, the San Diego Zoo and as far away as Italy and Greece. There’s even a picture of Bobblehead George with pop icon Jessica Simpson.

In less than two months, the site was ranked 74th on the WordPress “top 100 fastest growing blogs” list. Inspired by the response, Reams decided to put Bobblehead George’s popularity to good use and build a fully functioning website to raise money for a charity near to his heart.

“I have a seven year-old daughter, Sophie, who has Hereditary Angioedema,” says Reams. “It is an inherited disease that causes episodes of acute swelling and inflammation in various parts of the body, both externally and internally. It can be very painful and debilitating, and if it attacks the throat, even fatal. It is quite rare, and there is no cure. I thought maybe I could put Bobblehead George to work to help raise money and awareness.”

There is a lot more over there and, as I said, Jim is one of the good guys. Read what he has to say.




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5 09 2008
Bobblehead George

Thanks so much. You rock, as per normal.

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