TennViews Weekly Round-Up

31 08 2008

Russ has done a great job again rounding up liberal bloggers thoughts on the Democratic Convention in Denver, Sarah Palin and other goodies.

Head over to Tennviews and catch up with a cup of coffee, a good book and your cyber buddies.


Newscoma’s Best Look

30 08 2008

One of 1000 reasons not to take me out can be seen on Brittney Gilbert’s photostream here.

Look at the loveliness of Ginger but ignore the chick in the hat. I think she might be psychotic but on the other hand, the hat is smashing.

Face for radio, campers.

Blogher Nashville

27 08 2008

I want to go to Blogher.

I don’t know if I will be able to, but I want to.

My pal, Ivy, is speaking there. She announced it last night on Twitter.

Feeling a bit land-locked in Hoots today, forgive me.

That is all.

Astute Media Observation On Politics

26 08 2008

Aunt B. likes Michelle, but what she says later is very important in the big scheme of things.

2.  I watched the speech this morning.  On Youtube.  The whole thing.  I was just thinking about what a monumental change that’s going to be/already is: that you can watch the whole thing for yourself whenever you want to and make up your own mind, instead of having to rely on the news to play soundclips and analyze it to death.

As usual, she makes a very good point.

A Round Of Applause For Russ McBee

24 08 2008

Let’s all say Yay for Russ, who has been doing a bang up job of rounding up the hippie liberals for the last few weeks.

Given the large number of blog posts discussing the choice of Biden and the diversity of opinions on the topic, this week’s roundup is devoted exclusively to that subject.

• 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera: Biden! and Senator O’Biden [Ed. note: The RSS feed for 10,000 Monkeys and a Camera has moved to this link.]

• 55-40 Memphis: It’s official now

• Carole Borges: Joe Biden is perfect! I’m excited once again.

The Crone Speaks: Obama Says it is Biden, I Say More of the Same

• Don Williams: Obama-Biden’s a brilliant ticket, but only if they win, natch

• Enclave: Wealthy Elite vs. Middle Class: Pick Your Biden Scorecard and Biden His Time: Delaware Senator Brings Commoner Cred to the Ticket

• KnoxViews: Joe Biden

• Lean Left: Hello, Joe! (Whadda ya know?)

• Left Of The Dial: Hey Barack

• Left Wing Cracker: I think it’s going to work..

• Nashville for the 21st Century: Asshatery at Fournier’s “Associated Press”

• Newscoma: Obama Chooses Biden and LA Times Gets Its VP Story Wrong and Breaking Down The Biden Factor

• Russ McBee: A quick thought on Joe Biden

• Sharon Cobb: BREAKING: Obama Picks Joe Biden!

• Silence Isn’t Golden: It’s Definitely Biden

• Southern Beale: So It’s Biden and IOKIYAR: Veepstakes Edition

• Tennessee Guerilla Women: Obama Picks a Bro: It’s Biden

• Vibinc: The Veep-Stakes Fiasco [Ed. note: OK, the Vibinc post isn’t a reaction per se, since it was written on Friday, but it’s still relevant. Sue me.]

And finally, Katie Allison Granju blogs on the subject from her new home at KnoxNews.com, “Because I Said So“:

• Because I Said So: Obama didn’t get this one right

Journalist Uses Blog To Ask For Help

21 08 2008

Here is an example of  journalist, Cara Kumari, trying to get a message out to folks.

Do I think this is a good idea?

Yes. Yes I do.

Usually, I try to use this blog to get news out.   Right now, I want to use it to collect news.  The Department of Safety is supposed to be contacting the 182 people whose records were accessed by Trooper Ronnie Shirley.  That list is supposed to include state employees, journalists and a country star.

Read the rest here.

Annoying Autobiographical Pause In Photos

19 08 2008

I’m doing some cleaning and thought I’d share some photos with you from 2007.

First out, I need to apologize ahead of time. Gov. Ned McWherter was looking at the back of my T-shirt. Completely innocent.

Meeting Left Wing Cracker the first time.

In Memphis

And a lovely surprise. A picture I found of my friend Stewart Byars that I didn’t know I had.

May 2007

May 2007

And, umm, just go here to see CeeElCee being talked about in San Francisco.