Lost: There’s No Place Like Home (Parts 2 and 3)

30 05 2008

I enjoy breaking each episode down of Lost. It’s one of those things I have had fun with this strike-stricken season.

Of course after last night’s brain-exploding extravaganza, I found myself seriously believing this is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched from the pilot where I’m truly enmeshed in what’s going on. We started two weeks ago with the first hour of the finale and there was a three hour showing last night repeating that episode and spiraling into an amazing finale.

It’s good TV.

So let’s break it down after the break. I don’t think there is anyway to get everything all the way in.

  • For about two years now, I’ve been writing about Jack being a douchenozzle. He’s just not a very good leader but then again, everyone follows him around either out of ignorance or laziness. His dismissal of Locke since the beginning has been one of the catalysts of the show. Science vs. Faith. It’s been pounded into our head. Seeing broken Jack break into the funeral home and we are introduced, finally after a year, to Jeremy Bentham who is also our dude Lock in the casket, we see that Locke did win this battle with Jack. We just don’t know how he died. And we won’t for awhile I’m thinking but Locke did indeed win. Jack also created the lie about the island. Locke said he would have to and he did.
  • Ben sacrificed his life on the Island to save people yet he knew that he would kill people on the freighter when he attacked Keamy. You know, Ben has turned into quite the action star and his assault was quite vicious but Keamy saying the line about his daughter bleeding out was incredibly cruel as well.
  • “You can go now” were the words Zombie Island Christian tells Michael. I sort of feel the return of Michael was wasted. He killed two women in cold blood and he apparently had to atone for his actions because the island needed him too. But I also got the impression that we needed to see that actions/decisions are judged by the island. Michael was used as a tool.
  • Is Jin dead? Is the island done with him as well?
  • Walt is now 22 years old. (I kid.)
  • Penny and Desmond. Does Penny know about her father? We finally got one happy ending. But if Ben is correct, they all have to go back to the island together. Does that include Frank the Pilot and Desmond? For those into the love stories and triangles and quadrangles, Penny and Desmond are the love story. Will we seem them again in another life, Brother?
  • And is Sun going to be working with Charles Widmore because she’s angry at Jack? Man, she got badass quick. She also did some fine acting when the freighter exploded.
  • More on Sun and Kate. These women really had little control on the island, but back in the real world, they are the ones that are tough. Even Sayid almost died during his assassination attempt when he got served. Kate was highly pissed at Jack. After four seasons of everyone sitting around the island following Jack like a flock of sheep, Kate was, dare I say it, more independent when it came to him. But the finale picked up right where we ended a year ago in Season Three’s finale. Kate was tired of Jack’s BS.
  • I told you Sawyer was a good guy. I’m sure an internet audio fiend will figure out what Sawyer told Kate. The look on Jack’s face when Sawyer jumped out of the plane was priceless. Sawyer has felt second place with Kate on the island, but Jack is the one who feels second best off of it.
  • Desmond’s vision was wrong. He told Charlie Claire and Aaron would get on that helicopter if Charlie sacrificed himself. Aaron did, Claire didn’t. And Zombie Claire was pretty specific with Kate about taking Aaron back to the island.
  • For those of us who have watched this show and dissected it since the pilot, this season did pay out some answers while keeping the mystery. The whispers have not been completely explained but I’m starting to get it a bit more. The writer’s strike most likely got the shows flow upended, but Lindlof and Cuse have used that break and worked with it. I have always found each turn delicious but I find myself a little bit more in love with it. We tied up the season and now the big question is “What happens next?”
  • I think I want Richard Albert to be the guy in the woods around here that saves me from the bad guys. I also think I want him to serve me breakfast with Sayid. (Wait, I’m not supposed to have those thoughts, never mind.)
  • I think Hurley may be the key in some of this stuff. Playing chess with Mister Eko was another indication that Hurley is either crazier than batshit or that he’s in tuned with the island’s mojo and can’t cope with it. Remember his buddy Dave, that was pre-island. Hurley might just be the one who can see what the other Oceanic 6 cannot. This is in theory stage for me so I don’t have any real answers.
  • And quick hits: Charlotte’s back on the island? Was that Ben’s buddy from his childhood? Please LOST people, make Miles a weekly feature. He makes things fun.
  • Great line: “If you mean time-traveling bunnies, the answer is yes.” Man, Ben is the most complex character on television.



7 responses

30 05 2008

I don’t think Desmond and Lapidas have to go back because the island didn’t draw them there, they were sent to island by Widmore for different reasons. I’m wondering if there is some history between Charles Widmore and Christian Sheppard? Widmore wants to claim the island for himself and Christian is part of the effort to keep Widmore away from the island.

30 05 2008

Malia, I hadn’t thought about that. Good point!
I don’t know about the history but you never know with Lost.

30 05 2008

There is so much to say, but I think I need to watch the episode again. You’ve hit on stuff I didn’t even think about yet.

Wow. Just wow. That was awesome.

30 05 2008

I still think we are being swerved here. I just dont buy the notion that all of them will go back and spend the rest of their days on the island. Coma I agree with you on the Hurley thing. I think it was season 2 when his friend told him to jump that none of this is real. Then there was that scene of Juliet and Sawyer on the beach watching the boat burn. I don’t know I just have a hunch that one or a few of the characters are having a “newhart dream”.

30 05 2008
Joe P.

i say that the character of Thomas, who is the father of Claire’s baby, Aaron, turns out to be connected to Widmore. also, the killing of Ben’s daughter – that “changing the rules” to kill her – will likewise be a factor in the final outcome — in other words, the children of island people have some unique function.
perhaps the reason Christian ended up on the island in a casket is that he had to return to the island too — maybe the island was where Christian came from?

what i’m starting to think too is that this show will be crazy popular when done, and many will seek out the DVDs to see it all from start to finish.

but dang, i gotta wait til next January for new shows??? dang.

30 05 2008
Kristin Davis

I still don’t understand John Locke’s role … (I’ve only watched half of the finale so far, so maybe something happens to explain more). Plus his character has just always bugged me.

In the beginning, I thought that none of this is “real,” that they all died in the crash and one of the characters has dreamed this whole thing up. Sometimes I go back to that theory when I’m really confused…

31 05 2008

‘Coma, I’m thinking that Sun’s scene with Widmore wasn’t really an offer to work together; instead, I think she’s setting the bait for a trap. I think Sun and Penny will end up allied with Ben in his war against Widmore; that war will then pit Sun and Penny against their fathers.

Like you, I’m disappointed with the way the Michael thing played out, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

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