Awww, You Shouldn’t Have


Here is a list of stuff around the innertube that people said about the ‘Coma. Some of it good, some of it bad.
Well, I was one of Kathy T.’s wrinkles.

This made me cry
. I’m going to hit him in the arm the next time I see him. Thanks Ceeelcee.

And this was more than cool when I was named by Peter Daou as the featured blogger.

Here it is on the wordpress site.

And Scout wrote this.

And this amuses me because I was named a growing blog because I drunkenly live blogged the Grammys. Forget thoughtful political and social commentary but I was still flattered

Most people are nice. I try to be as well, but you can’t please all the people all the time. The one rule at Chez Coma is treat people the way you want to be treated. That’s called the Golden Rule for you trolls out there. Yeah, you know who you are.

Oh, yeah. I’ve been busted too, but here’s the one we all had a toast to and I’ll probably buy him a beer if he’ll let me because of the love. He might shoot me.
You know how it goes.
Not every one loves newscoma. I get that.
But for the most part, I get along with everyone.
I’ll add more of this masturbatory love session as it progresses.

April 7, 2007

Some new nice things:

Ginger is my cyber friend. she wrote this about something I said and I’ve never been It was the first time I was quoted. That was really groovy.

And I had this nice thing happen which made me feel all saucy and smart.

We might update again if I feel so inspired.

No. 73 on Word Press. Of course I’m a lot of dots but, yup, that’s me.

New Updates: Wow!

#45 on 6.5.07 Dammit.

Update: More stuff I’m keeping up with here is my movie review as a guest host with Cuppa Joe Powell.

UPDATE: 9.23.07:

A lovely summer. Here is some more self-promotion crap you don’t care about but probably won’t read anyway, but it did give me a smile.

Big Stupid Tommy says the nicest things:

10. Name one great blog that you read on a regular basis. What makes it unique?

I really dig NewsComa’s site. She always brings lots of great insight to the table. She’s brutally honest, has an eye for the absurd, and she makes me laugh.

I’m now the Media Integration Specialist over at Music City Bloggers. I don’t know what that means but, man, I appreciate the confidence.

Frank said this and it was more than nice by giving me a Blogger Reflection Award.

And I’ve been Waged. Damn. I actually look all professional and stuff.

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