Lost: Cabin Fever

9 05 2008

So, if your mom is named Emily then you get to choose an object, and if you choose the right object, you are to become the Island’s next Dalai Lama?

Okay, Carlton Cuse/Damon Lindelof have changed the rules again and my initial reaction is WTF? I’ve also been saying to myself that Destiny is a fickle bitch because that’s what this episode was about.

Let’s talk Lost after the jump.

I’m just going to throw some things out here because last night’s episode was controlled chaos peppered with a bit of the crazies.

  • My observation above is that apparently Ben and Locke have more in common than being slightly psychotic and island worshippers because both of their mom’s names is Emily. Emily means rival. I read that on a message board because I’m not that clever.
  • Did they island bring down the plane for Locke specifically? And aren’t Richard Albert and creepy guy Abbadon on different teams? Of course, every time I make an assumption about folks on the show it changes.
  • Has Ben resigned himself to Locke being the Chosen One? Well, he got part of Hurley’s candy bar so I guess he’s got that going for him.
  • Is Claire dead? I’m thinking so but refer to up above. This part, for me at least, was most fascinating. Miles was quite intrigued by Claire last week before her dad came and got her. Now Christian Shepherd and Claire seem to be hanging out and doing the dad/daughter thing in Jacob’s cabin and serving as his spokesperson. Death seems to become Christian as he seems to be guiding things along but why is he big buddies with Jacob.
  • Random observation: Where is Cindy the airline attendant and those ratty children? Remember when the others were filled with mystery and Eko made Jin hide in the second season talking about how quiet and lethal they were. Memories.
  • Another random observation: I miss the whispers.
  • Why don’t they ever go to the caves anymore where Adam and Eve, those pesky corpses are?
  • The time variations between the island and the freighter are bizarre. The morse code message said the doctor is dead but we saw that the Doc was alive and well before Keamy slit his throat. And, as Lost is wont to do, there are people on the freighter that were trying to do the right thing. Frank being one of them and the doomed Captain who got Sayid the boat.
  • Michael avoids a bullet once again and I must say that Keamy is one psychotic sumbitch. The one thing that I can’t figure out is Keamy’s motivation for his actions. Did Widmore order the island torched? Is Keamy working on Widmore’s agenda or his own? I can’t imagine Widmore ordering the island destroyed. Human life, yes. Island, No. It’s too important.
  • When I saw the smoke monster drawing from young John, I couldn’t help but think that the island has been testing him for some time.
  • Dead people are talking to Locke a lot lately. Apparently there is some kind of death zen on the island where when you die or it because Locke is the Dalai Lama of the island.
  • How does one move an island?

I know there is more going on. These were just my initial observations.

And I’m more blissfully confused than ever.



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9 05 2008

One initial idea I had wasn’t that Abbadon and Alpert were there with Locke from the beginning, but actually traveling back into the past after the events of the present had already happened. Possibly, but not likely.

I think some people, like Alpert and probably Widmore are connected to the Black Rock ship, and have become ageless and undying. Possibly Abbadon too (was he one of the slave captives?).

We did hear the whispers a couple times this season, though precisely where escapes me.

Cindy and the kids are at the “Temple” where Alpert and the rest of the Others went just before the end of last season. Also it’s where Rousseau, Karl and Alex were headed before they were killed/kidnapped/executed. So assuming Alpert isn’t time traveling, he’s still there with Cindy, the kids, and the rest of the Others biding their time. Wonder if that’s where the chopper was headed?

I’m thinking Keamy’s gun didn’t jam by accident. It was trying to kill Michael, and the island bwoke it. Can’t be killed and all that..

I’m assuming Keamy’s under Widmore’s orders still. I took “torch the island” to mean “kill everyone there”, not literally burn it to the…ocean. Until this point the captain, Farady and his friends, and most everyone on the boat outside of the mercenaries only believed their mission was to extract Ben. Now they know the truth of what Widmore’s directive to Keamy and his merry men really was. The “Secondary Protocol”, provided on a handy Dharma Initiative folder, to boot.

We saw Ben’s mother Emily earlier in the 1st season as a grown-up Swoosie Kurtz. Even though she claimed to Locke he was “immaculately conceived” since she eventually admitted that Anthony Cooper paid her to set him up to donate the kidney I don’t know if I agree with that. Is Emily his real mother? I assume so. Is Cooper his real father? I assume so, too, but I don’t know what his connection to the island might be or have been. But why else would Cooper have sought Locke out for a kidney if he wasn’t a biological match?

One thing I thought was odd was the look in young Emily’s mom’s eyes after the younger girl ran out of the nursery. Mom turned around to see Alpert watching through the window and claimed to not know who he was, but I wonder….

9 05 2008

I watched Lost for the first time last night. Impeccable timing on my part, I can tell.

9 05 2008

Yes I want to know how to move an island as well….explains why Charles can’t find it anymore though….

9 05 2008

I am still needing to see Lost for the first time. Gotta go back through all the old seasons and catch up.

9 05 2008

Lost is actually a show that you can start right in the middle and it’s still good. Nobody knows what the hell is going on, no matter how long they’ve been watching. I wish I could buy stock only in Lost DVDs, because as soon as we have all the answers the fans are going to want to go back and start all over.

9 05 2008

…and what the hell does ‘we have to move the island’ mean. I am quickly beginning to understand that I am not mentally qualified to even watch this show. I am hugely unqualified to even comment. But I love it. And I love reading your LOST blogs.

10 05 2008

Thanks Chris.
I am confused about the show more than I’m not.
But I loooove it too!

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