Arrested For Prostitution

26 08 2008

The Public Opinion apologizes for the error.

Chickens Playing Soccer

26 08 2008

I don’t know why chickens amuse me, but they do.

Nun Beauty Pageant

26 08 2008

All-righty then.

Italian priest Antonio Rungi announced Sunday that he is organizing an online beauty pageant for nuns. Apparently Tony is doing this to fight the stereotype that nuns are all “old and dour.”

What does one say about an online beauty pageant for nuns?

Seriously, what does one say?

And the oldsters say that the Intertubes is for porn and hippies.

Well not anymore.

Ork Technology

19 08 2008

I’m sorry but this made the geek in me laugh hysterically.

H/T to My Confined Space

South Carolina’s #1 Butt Satisfier

12 08 2008

No, really.

I guess this is a good way to get attention.

H/T to Undergrounded Outlet via Friendfeed

It’s Hot In Hell

5 08 2008

I have no idea if this is true or where the hell it came from but I think it’s funny nonetheless.

Funny Classified Ads

12 07 2008

If I lived in Oakview, CA, I would have offered my services to back in time.

Johnny Horton Video From 1959

28 06 2008

This a hot mess of campy goodness. You have Johnny Horton in an all white buckskin jacket with matching white coonskin hat. You have English soldiers dancing.

I cannot look away.

Your retro moment of the day (and when I was a kid, this played on the jukebox at a restaurant my dad owned for while. I would play it and sing it loud and proud. Much to the dismay of customers. Yeah, I was a curious and annoying child.)

If You Insist …

21 06 2008

on lavishing me with presents, please don’t get me this. I’m a Miller Lite domestic drinker.

I thank you ahead of time. And, yes, I’ve seen these on people’s heads. Of course I was about 10 but still.

I must give the artist, Evelyn, an A though for creativity and it has it’s own charm.

I’ve been eyeballing this.

I thank you ahead of time for getting it for me.

Would You Like To Borrow My Pen?

14 06 2008

Gear Diary has a great post with this awesome picture.

I thought it was great. Head to Gear Diary for the whole thing.

On a side note, I’ve always wanted to have pens printed up that said Master Bait And Tackle Shop or Kick it over, Mary Lou.

But, of course, there is a story to that which makes me laugh every, single time which is Smiley’s to tell.

I know, I’m 12 damned years old.

Some Of The Best Typos Ever

13 06 2008

Typos are the spotlight today over at List of the Day.

Well I could only hope the removal of my eye that I’d pay $4.89 for would be a pleasant experience.

Cary, you crack me up.

The Unaware Reporter

13 06 2008

Guys, this is so not safe for work. It was sent to me a couple of months ago by a buddy in Nashville.

I’m warning you, it’s nsfw but it was apparently safe enough for a news broadcast.

It’s been through the rounds I’m sure but it still tickles me to no end.

Carnival Of Local Political Gaffes

13 06 2008

Sadcox is holding a carnival. This should be fun with endless material.

I’m starting the Carnival of Local Political Gaffes. You can submit an article for the carnival here.

Probably the biggest factor that keeps local politicians from being more than just local are the idiotic messes they get themselves into. The Carnival of Local Political Gaffes aims to shed light on these small timers and give them the credit they deserve.

Heh. This should be fun. I’m thinking but I’m overwhelmed by the mass of material I have here. I’m in.

Pleasing 15 Women

2 06 2008

I wouldn’t have taken the clarification. That George Brownridge is a rock star.

from YesButNoButYes

Rick Rolls

16 05 2008

Rick Rolls from My Confined Space

Newscoma Tries Cartooning

15 05 2008

Make your own at Toonlet.

Velvet Paintings

15 05 2008

I have long been a connoisseur of bad art. I don’t know dingle about art I just know I likes what I likes.

And I also know that sometimes the combination, of let’s say paint and velvet, is hysterical.

Charles Nelson Reilly, I’m smitten with you on black velvet. And of course, it reminds me of Jim Reams.

Jesus and Elvis. An oldie but a goodie although I don’t know why, this one seems to make the rounds. Of course, I have to agree with the person that posted this that Elvis looks like Gene Simmons and has the holy light around him. I mean, he is Elvis but shouldn’t Jesus be basking in the glow.

Just wondering.

There are a ton more at List of the Day, including about what seems a gazillion velvet delights of Kenny Rogers and, of course, Jesus and and 18 wheeler.

The Major Label Interest In Joseph Linello

9 05 2008

I think if Billie, who is the fabulous commenter over at Knox Views, had a soundtrack it would be written by Joseph Linello.

I can’t tell you how I’ve been laughing through the tears for the past 30 minutes.

He has Major. Label. Interest.

He will tell you this. Repeatedly.

Found at Fark.

The Mexican Witch

4 05 2008

This, campers, is hysterical

Run to see it right now.

Cats That Look Like Wilford Brimley

2 05 2008

Hat Tip to Big Stupid Tommy. This made me laugh out loud.