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15 02 2008

In the world of Lost, there are no easy answers and questions always arise to where we, the viewer, sometimes are left speechless. Last night, after watching Sayid become a cold-hearted assassin and then turn around and fall for his own blonde, femme fatale mirror image, I was left somewhat speechless. As you know, I’m all about making Sayid the leader of the losties who are sometimes the most dunderheaded wahoos on the planet.

But we found out last night that Sayid remains a follower in many ways on the island and off of it as well. With the Iraqi Republican Guard, he followed orders. On the Island, he followed orders and we see that not much changes as he was revealed to be one of the Oceanic Six. But is he a just a killer for hire or does he have a mission because “they” are going to know that he’s after them. And in a surprise appearance, Ben, who was healing his gunshot wounds at a vet’s office for pete’s sake, said “Good.”

If you haven’t seen it, I’ll put my weekly ramblings and observations after the jump.

The divide between the Losties, The Freighters and The Others (where in the hell are those kids and Stewardess Cindy? Where is Richard, who for me at least, is one of the most mysterious on the island) is more pronounced than ever.

Some things that stuck with me:

  • I believe our silly girl Kate is seeing the light about the two men in her life and is becoming more reliant on her own although that was always evident. First of all, yes, Sawyer loves her. Don’t doubt it. Jack knows this and trusts that but there is a sense of “Sawyer will take care of you because I’m a control freak and I deem it to be true.” Jack digs her too but … well, he’s Jack. ‘Nuff said. The blonde con-man dealt with Kate with a depth of emotional frankness that betrayed the persona he gives the world, but any girl understands (I’m a girl, I know these things) that Sawyer is the guy that you frantically kiss in an alley, have hot monkey sex with and who will rock your world for one night but you get up and go home the next day, smile and say “Whoo, that was intense.” He is not the “marrying” kind and the idea of “playing house” with him is just not going to be feasible. You want the hair-pulling passion but he’s too much of an emotional mess. Kate knows this. She isn’t as dippy as we might think. She’s used him for her own gratification and although I think she’s affectionate toward him because he is one sexy beast, Kate is finding her own footing. And I think that’s why she was the one who had it together in last season’s finale.
  • Locke has done something to piss Jacob off. Pulling the trigger at Jack’s head without a moment’s thought perhaps? That didn’t come out right as I was passionately writing about the show and Barry makes the point in the comments. I meant to write that he didn’t pull the trigger and that was maybe what Jacob wanted. My bad. I got my thought backasswards. Sometimes Lost makes me a befuddled mess. πŸ™‚
  • Sayid fights for causes. We saw in the end sequence that he’s part of a big old conspiracy theory. Is it for good? Is he just a foot soldier? One thing about Sayid, he doesn’t do things without a reason and there didn’t look like any rhyme or reason for him shooting the Italian guy. But it was the reaction of that guy on the golf course that got me thinking. The minute he found out that Sayid was one of the Oceanic Six, he reacted. Something is amiss.
  • Valentine’s Day is always bad for the Losties. Last year we had the whole Desmond thing. This year, it’s Sayid.
  • Mark it down, Miles has his own agenda and it has nothing to do with the Losties, the Freighters or the island.
  • I saw this somewhere else, but his passports had the name Dean Moriarty on them. Ever read “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. Heh.
  • Hurley is being called Hugo quite a bit more than he was. Is this significant of the time on the island shifting and ending where some leave. Is it a separation subtlety to let us know the changes.
  • 31 Minutes difference? Maybe not exactly a parallel world but an altered one? I think old Doc Faraday is going to be crucial in all this stuff. Like the Professor from Gilligan’s Island, except smarter and much more creepy.
  • Ben. Evil. Awesome. Brilliant. Savior?

I read that Lost is going to complete five more episodes now that the Writer’s Strike has ended. It won’t be the 16 were promised last year but, hell, it’s a start.



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15 02 2008

You’re a bit turned around re: Locke and Jacob. When Locke had Jack at gunpoint in last season’s finale, he couldn’t pull the trigger on him. That was a key sign of Locke’s character at that point. However, in the season premiere Jack had Locke at gunpoint and did indeed pull the trigger (lucky the gun wasn’t loaded). And that says volumes about Jack’s character right there…

Guy on the Golf Course was most likely on Sayid and Ben’s “list” and was to be eliminated anyway. Sayid was playing up his notoriety by saying he was one of the Oceanic 6 to watch the guy’s expression. Then he killed him. Just part of the job….

Are you sure the passport said “Moriarty”? I read it as something similar but not that. I don’t recall right now what it was, though.

I think Ben and the O6 eventually become reluctant allies due to the common enemy of Dharma. Working together becomes the most practical way to protect their people still on the island (the rest of the Losties and the rest of the Others).

15 02 2008

You are right. I knew what I was saying but it didn’t come out right. Duh on me.

15 02 2008
15 02 2008

I love reading your LOST rundowns. It helps me fill in what I missed when I was getting the Boy headed toward the shower or doing times tables. Ah heck, to be honest, it would help fill in the blanks even if i never take my eyes of the TV. I think, sometimes, that I miss as much as I get with this show…that I should be paying more attention to what goes on in the background or something, because I read the LOST blogs and…wow. I miss a bunch.

However, I did catch that Elsa’s bracelet was the same as Naomi’s.

As for Sawyer and Kate, it would not hurt my feelings much if they “played house” just a few more times πŸ˜‰

15 02 2008

Chris, there is no doubt they have some wicked chemistry.
More Hot Monkey Sex!!! Thanks for the bracelet tip. I missed that one.

15 02 2008

Not my observation, but someone else took Daniel’s two times and looked them up as bible verses.
Daniel 2:45 (the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure) and
Daniel 3:16 (There is no need for us to give you an answer to this question).

Also not my thought, but Sayid made a bargain to get Charlotte. Why are we assuming that it was a hostage trade when Sayid and Miles were already hostages. It had to be something better.

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