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21 03 2008

I didn’t do a Lost post last week mainly because I didn’t see the episode Ji Yeon until last Friday morning while I was drinking my coffee. I got snookered with the flash forward/flashback. It was surprising and some questions were answered. Of course, new ones came up.

Let’s break it down after the jump:

In reading other people’s recaps of Lost this season, I love the fact that everyone has a different way of looking at events that happen throughout this show. I’m finding that that is the reason why this show is so good. We all take something away from the table.

  • Mr. Friendly/Tom really is just awesome. It was good to see him back (his chin sorta scares me) and his appearance seems to me to be pivotal. When he saw Michael in NYC, wasn’t this after Locke blew up the sub which makes me think that old Ben has been lying about getting on and off the island. Ben lying? It’s like all of us breathing. It comes natural. And we are introduced again to the concept that the island’s secrets have something to do with the bigger picture.
  • Who the hell is the captain? Homer made the observation this morning if the events from Sayid’s flash forward when Ben telling him to think with his head and not his heart might be connected some way. Did Sayid exposing Michael to the captain screw things up? Did he screw up Michael’s mission and then Ben transfer some huge guilt trip onto Sayid, thus he becomes his assassin for some “greater good?”
  • What was Frank’s errand? Does it have anything to do with Karl, Danielle and Alex getting ambushed?
  • As the show has always been about redemption in many ways, it was interesting to see Mr. Friendly/Tom bring this up. Probably doesn’t mean anything but it caught my attention.
  • Why in the hell would Charles Widmore stage such an elaborate hoax about the victims of Flight 815? I’m starting to think maybe the Others are the gatekeepers of the Island. Nothing is ever as it appears to be on Lost but I’m really thinking that, to quote Buffyverse, the Big Bad really is Widmore.
  • More lists. Ben is a list making fool.
  • For all practical purposes, Michael is a suicide bomber. I thought that the writers putting this aspect into the show was very intriguing in the times we live in. Michael won’t be allowed to die because maybe the island won’t let him?
  • Walt knows about Michael killing Libby and Ana Lucia?
  • I think Karl is dead. I’m not so sure about Danielle. Is this another manifestation of Smokey? Did Ben stage this one too, sending them to meet the hidden others so he could get rid of boyfriend and Mama? Or is the “war” starting to heat up and the shooters were from the freighter?
  • Libby made some cameos and freaked Michael out. Guilt or island juju?
  • The watch was back that was such a catalyst between Michael and Jin from Season One. I love it when Lost does stuff like this.
  • The time frame for Michael getting out is perplexing. I need to think about this. But we did see Little Walt in the window. This kid is four years older now. I doubt we will see him this way again. Also remember that Walt had just met his dad when the plane crashed. All of this in Lost time just was a couple of months. Sayid and Desmond hit the freighter on Christmas Eve.
  • Kurt Vonnegut was mentioned on the tv show in Mr. Friendly/Tom’s television at the hotel. Just saying.

This are some of my instant observations. I have learned that I never know what the hell is going on in this show.

But I like it anyway.



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21 03 2008

I agree, the timeline from between when Michael left the island and reappeared on the freighter is very short. According to the timeline on, he and Walt sailed off on Nov. 27, and “today” on Lost is around Dec 26. That a span of less than 30 days for Michael to:

a) …sail back to…somewhere. The mainland US? Australia? Picked up by a passing ship? Somewhere else? He and Walt have to have made it back to civlization – penniless and without ID, most likely – and somehow get back to the US and New York City.

b) …create a new identity for himself, a grown man and Walt, a minor. In the US, how easy is this to do for someone like Michael?

c) …hand Walt off to his mother, after telling the little boy what happened on the island.

c) …attempt to kill himself with the car, see Libby in the hospital, HEAL, RECOVER and get out.

d) …try to go see Walt at his mother’s

e) …purchase the gun, try to off himself, fail, meet Tom, try again, fail, take Tom up on his offer

f) …travel to Fiji, get acclimated to the ship

g) …sail with the ship to the Island

All that in 30 days? Wow.

21 03 2008

See, me too.
There was just too much in such a little amount of time.

21 03 2008
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21 03 2008

I still have loads of questions that carry over from season one and keep snowballing… It is a vicious cycle!!

I tagged you for a meme!!

21 03 2008

I hope Danielle is not dead. From last week’s preview it said ‘someone’ on the island dies. Generally I have found when they say that really only one person dies. I think she is just hurt and will heal kind of like Locke always does because she is in communion with the island. Poor Carl is dead.

It was a lot to happen in such a short time. I thought it was a good episode, but I don’t like Michael so yah….it had too much of him in it!

I thought the preview for the upcoming weeks was interesting. Hurley saying is that a noise over at Claires house….I guess maybe she does die or get hurt enough she tells Kateto take Aaron. so sad…

Also…I bet it is the others staging war since ole Charles is looking for Oceanic survivors why not kill them and then there are not any- island safe.

But then again….I get one theory and then that is usually just blown away

21 03 2008

I really liked the subliminal ads for The Mole during the first few commercial breaks.

I was a big fan of The Mole. I would’ve kicked ass on that show!

21 03 2008

Steph noticed that too. She would do well there.
Me, not too much. No skillz.

21 03 2008

Wh wh what?

Timelines don’t matter because Island time moves more slowly than real world time. Michael had weeks/months in the real world to do all that stuff, just like Ben/Whidmore had plenty of time to stage another crash.

Or maybe I’m wrong?

21 03 2008

I remain confused, my cyber friend. 🙂

22 03 2008

I’m hoping Reba’s comment is right re: Danielle!

24 03 2008

I just listened to the podcast from last year’s ComicCon and they hinted that we would be seeing a Danielle flashback episode. Of course, that was before the writers strike, so I don’t know if, even though one may have been in the works, if they’ll forgo a Danielle ep for ones about the main characters.

You guys were right, though – there was a lot going on in this one.

25 03 2008

Hard to know whats going on in regard to the island’s time dilation but the timeline did annoy me when i watched the episode…also, i can’t seem to understand how Michael could possibly have gotten back to NYC. The boat he was in surely couldn’t have taken him across the largest ocean on earth to the states…maybe he made it to Fiji? or some other Island? If some larger boat found them, they would surely have asked questions…perhaps put it together he was from Oceanic 815? This of course would have made it hard for him to remain incognito upon return.
As this episode started i really thought he and walt would have run into the freighter and been captured and perhaps Walt was going to be handed over to the evil genius Widmore. Perhaps Michael was being forced to reveal the location of the Island in exchange for Walt’s safety which caused him to align with Ben. I was wrong obviously but Widmore would love to have someone like Walt…after all, Walt is almost as special as the Island isn’t he? I know they have had issues with the actor growing up but i really hope Walt’s powers become part of the greater mystery again as this was one of my favourite aspects of series one.

Interesting side note- Grant Bowler who plays Captain Gault, was the host of the Australian version of the Mole.

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