The Red Bra

9 09 2008

The domain has to be transferred so that will happen a bit later.

As I have told you guys repeatedly, my tech skills suck big wads of carpet.

Now, I have to tell you the story of my trip to Nashville. I went up, we worked on the new blog (or I watched rather very intrigued by it all) and after a bit of visiting for a few minutes, we headed back to Hoots.

The Pilot station at Exit 143 hates me. Last year, you might remember my Elvis Impersonators wreck at this infamous truck stop. I think I’m jinxed at this place.

And, Sunday night, there was proof of this. PROOF.

I’ve seen a lot of I-40 lately, and as human being are wont to do, I needed to use, as my mother would call it, the little girls’ room. Every other place was closed so we hauled into the dreaded Pilot due to the only other option being the Adult Book Store at Bucksnort, which to give it credit, was packed with truckers.

So I go hauling in to do my bidness, which I did, and went to the sink to wash my hands.

Then the horror happened.

A young mother comes hauling at lightening speed into the bathroom with a young boy. The water is going into the sink and my hands are all soaped up. Apparently the little boy wasn’t feeling well because he barfed right into the basin which of course, splashed on me. Now, I’m a support system with vomit. You puke, I puke.

I didn’t but it was all over me. The mother was apologizing and grabbing towels for me and her son who was still a bit green.

I cleaned up as best I could and finally got back to the car where Squirrel Queen asked “Are you sick?”

I told her the story. No, I wasn’t sick but apparently Junior was.

And the shirt came OFF.

So if you saw a chubby woman in a red bra riding down I-40 Sunday night. Umm, that would have been me.

Actually, it was kind of free-spirited and refreshing.

Just saying.


Vols Loss Explained

2 09 2008

The Vol Abroad has it figured out.

Last year, following astute observation followed by scientific-like experiments, we discovered that if Buddy was wearing orange, preferably UT licensed gear, the Vols would do well. If, following, a spill, a spit up, or poo-splosion, Buddy had to have the orange removed – the Vols would falter. Several times we scrambled to find new orange to place on the sleeping child, and the Vols rallied. (This apparently only worked in regular season games, not in the SEC Championship game).

We now know. Send Buddy some UT stuff STAT!

A List Of Ten

1 09 2008

Just a few things about the day, as I would much rather be playing darts and hanging out on an extended staycation instead of coming off steroids from the recent bout of lung crud which has made me cranky.

1. I’m not even getting into the Sarah/Bristol Palin thing. I’m just not. It’s a private thing. I don’t dig her politics but I’m not going to get into that whole drama. Why? Because kids have sex and if you think they don’t, you are honestly not paying attention. No offense. I disagree with the whole abstinence thing because PEOPLE HAVE SEX.  They do. It’s their business, not mine. If I judge them, then I get judged (the little Presbyterian girl who lives inside of me from 1972 is kicking me in my gut about this as it was lesson #1 in my house growing up.) Not into it. Stay out of my bedroom, I’ll stay out of yours. I wasn’t voting for McCain Co. anyway. This makes no difference to me.

2. If anyone needs any help from Gustav and is around Hoots, let me know. Just send me an email at newscoma at gmail dot com and I’ll see what I can do. I know the natives and the good folks who can make a difference. We need to help each other out.

3. My blind dog is sick. I’m worried but she’s nearly 13-years-old and I’m just trying to scratch her back, as she likes it, love her and make her comfortable. There isn’t much we can do but pet her and hope for the best. Mabel and Duff keep spooning her and making her feel loved. Breaks my heart.

4. Have been investigating Nashville’s rental properties. I realize I need to sell my soul but I think it’ll be all right. Am thinking that if I have a commune here, I can have one in Nashville. What say you?

5. CNN really has a collective orgasm over hurricanes, don’t they?

6. TENNESSEE PLAYS TONIGHT!! Yay! Looking atcha Big Orange Michael.

7. Squirrel Queen is a rock star. I’m just saying.

8. It’s September? When the hell did that happen?

9. I love this post. It’s so real and honest. I just think Samantha is great and you should be reading her too.

10. This picture is still great and although I’ve posted it before, it still rocks ass.

Go To Joe’s

29 08 2008

Just read the whole thing.

Rural Voting Key In Presidential Race

27 08 2008

I have been preaching this for months.

From the Dallas Morning News:

And rural voters have been key — in helping former President Bill Clinton offset slippage in the suburbs and President Bush make up for declining urban support.

Former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder, who made history as the nation’s first elected black governor, said that the rural vote is key to an Obama victory and that he must campaign aggressively there.

“I told him, ‘Go to the sticks,’.” said Mr. Wilder, now the mayor of Richmond. “People there want to see you, touch you, hear you.”

And then there is this:

.S. Rep. Chet Edwards of Waco said Mr. Obama should highlight his opposition to the privatization of Social Security and his plan not to tax seniors earning less than $50,000.

“I think he can make real inroads in rural America,” Mr. Edwards said.

On Monday, Obama surrogates talked jobs, health care and rural highways at a meeting of the Democratic National Convention’s rural caucus.

The Obama rural platform includes promoting recruitment of doctors to rural areas, restricting the sale of methamphetamine ingredients, boosting incentives for ethanol and biodiesel production and use, and requiring country of origin labels on imported meat.

I realize that Barack Obama and John McCain are not going to come to Hooterville but they should go to some rural areas that are being impacted by higher gas and food costs as well as 26 manufacturing plants shutting down in the past 7 years. (Umm, that’s Hooterville and much of West Tennessee. Whoops.)

Working class folks could care less about words but are ready and need action.

I can tell you that the first thing folks here would bring up is NAFTA. It’s a hot-button issue here.

I have been talking about rural communities since I began this blog nearly three years ago. I will do the awful and link to myself. And Rep. John Tanner needs to be paying attention too. If you have money, things are rosy so how are you going to know what’s going on unless you go out to where average, real people are. People with money do not understand people without, and thus we head back to the Sneetches with the haves and have nots. Rural issues are somewhat tied into class issues, but I guess that happens everywhere.

A coffee shop, a tavern or other places that aren’t media events is what I’d say. Talk to the people serving low-income people who have nowhere else to turn.

Currently, I say to both political candidates and to our local ones as well, there are some things you don’t know that are happening. We are experiencing crimes of necessity (that’s the word local law enforcement uses where food from freezers is being stolen but not $5000 tractors. It’s happening quite a bit), gas pump drive offs, shoplifting of food and empty parking lots that used to have bustling businesses.

This is one of irritations with the political process right now. Rural voters in the south are so stereotyped by the media that it’s appalling. And politicians take their cue from MSM.

Wilder got it right.

One thing about rural citizens though. If the candidates came, they need to listen and not talk.

Then they will get a real view of what it’s like and then their words will have substance for people barely making it.

Thanks for listening.

Road Trip Across Tennessee

27 08 2008

Memphis’ own Theo Geo, who is one of my favorite bloggers, is traveling the state of Tennessee. Her travels are here and you can see her photos, which are always wonderful and filled with such subtle context here.

Beauty beneath the surface and in the details.

If I were you, I’d get over there quickly.

‘First we have to bitch about it, then move on’

25 08 2008

In a quote from a Jackson Sun in a story about Tennessee delegates in Denver for what could prove to be one of the most historic democratic conventions of my lifetime, I found this quote which I thought was right on topic.

James Buckley, a delegate from Antioch, hopes Obama and Clinton supporters can show unity at the convention.

“Verbal dissent should be placed in the appropriate place: in the baggage before we leave,” said Buckley, 59, a union representative in the Nashville office for the United Steelworkers.

But Buckley is realistic about the potential for public dissent.

“Of course we will, we’re Democrats,” Buckley said. “First we have to b—- about it,” then move on.”