The Other Woman On Lost

6 03 2008

So, we know a lot more tonight after “The Other Woman” but what do we really know?

I only have one complaint about the wonderful Elizabeth Mitchell’s character Juliet’s character and that is what role does she play? Maybe that is the beauty of her character. I don’t know if she’s a good guy or a bad guy.


Under the jump for those not caught up. Yeah, I’m cool that way.

Well, we know that Benry has a huge crush on the beautiful Juliet, but we also know that she was doing the whacky with a married man, Goodwin, who was married to a woman named Harper who I would never want to be my therapist.

I’m going to make only a few observations this evening as I’m still reeling from tonight’s episode so bear with me, and make those corrections as you guys are wont to do.

  •  First of all, I think the most important part of tonight’s episode had to do with Locke and Ben’s conversation. Things that Ben said that I think are going to have weight later on where that he :”always has a plan.” If you wanted the rest of the episode, he did have a plan with Juliet. He told her point blank that “she was his.” He also told a great deal about Penny’s pop, Charles Widmore. He wants the island for “personal gain.” Ironically, I watch Torchwood and actor Alan Dale was also the bad guy over there in the episode called Reset on Saturday. Do we trust Ben?
  • Who is the woman that Juliet looks like? Who is the woman that cranky therapist woman was speaking of when she said “You look like her.) I repeat, I would not want Harper as my counselor or life coach.
  • Juliet is the other woman, which when you think about Kate, has more than one meaning when it comes to Jack (who is still sorta stupid when he says he trusts people that want to kill him.)
  • Who the hell is Daniel Faraday? I’m seriously thinking that we are getting this wonked out psychosis with him. I think he might not be of the good. I don’t know why I’m getting this vibe.
  • “Ben will win.” Of course he will. We saw him with Sayid fighting some sort of fight for .. umm … something.
  • Where are those dirty-assed kids from season two? They were around, weren’t they? And where is Cindy the stewardess?
  • Tonight was confusing, if I say so myself.
  • Gas is bad. Ben uses gas. Other people know about the gas. What the hell is going on with the gas?
  • Was Harper the shrink actually the smoke monster? I mean, they touched her but still. Is Jacob around with his nefarious, saint-like (either/or) ways?
  • Michael is on the boat, for crying out loud, so let’s quit being ominous about it. IT’S MICHAEL. You know when Harold Perrineau Jr. signs on and it’s on every gossip mag and on the ABC page it’s not a big surprise. And one site has speculated it’s Walt but I’m thinking that would be very groovy but it’s Michael. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong.
  • Sorry, I still don’t trust Juliet.
  • I miss Sayed when he’s gone. I’m starting to miss Frank the pilot.
  • One thing tonight that bugged the crap out of me is that Kate turns her back, Locke turns his back, Jack kissed Juliet and we didn’t see her face (which I reckon is the same as he turned his back on her. That’s just me.)

I’m more confused than ever but I’ll be on the couch next week.



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6 03 2008
LOST The Other Woman | Hear ItFrom.Us

[…] ***NewComa is confused by tonight’s episode as well. […]

6 03 2008

Very scary island therapist….I don’t want her anywhere near me! lol

I don’t get that vibe from Daniel. I think he has a sense of what is good and wants to do it. Charlotte still scares me — she seems like she will do what she is told and will take whatever measures it takes to accomplish that.

6 03 2008

Reba, I keep thinking that everytime I have thought something about new characters, they’ve been turned around.
I don’t know why I get the skeeves from him (Could be I’ve seen Jeremy Davies do some odd roles) but I’m thinking that Carlton Cuse/Damon Lindelof are playing some sort of wool-over-the-eyes thing.
I could be so wrong though. 🙂

6 03 2008

Now, nothing that I ever get from this makes any sense to me, but the one thing that I sort of get is that I don’t think Daniel is on the ‘bad side.’ I’m not nearly analytical enough to really say why, as I just watch this show on the seat of my pants and go with my gut. and my gut says that Daniel is one of the good guys.

Other than that, I’m still sitting here saying WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

6 03 2008

I’m saying WTF too.
I finally decided what is bothering me about Faraday. I really had to think about this tonight.
He was a different guy (remember he seemed sort of arrogant, not the mild guy we see now) when he met Desmond in the past. I think that may be the moment I started feeling oddly about him and also that science means more than anything to him.
I hope I’m wrong. I kinda dig the character, but I can’t help but think we may have a mad scientist on our hands. I think that might be my hesitation about him.

7 03 2008

1) I think Ben’s agenda is his own, first and foremost. It bothered me Locke decided to keep his end of the bargain. Recognizing that about Ben, I would’ve gotten everything I possibly could from him and tossed him back in the cell.

2) I think the woman Juliet looks like is Annie, the little girl Ben was friends with when they were kids.

3) A week ago, island time, “Kate, I love you…” then tonight, smooching on Juliet. *sigh* Jack, make up your mind…

4) I think Daniel has getting his brain messed with by certain outside forces. I think we can trust him, though – i.e. he doesn’t have nefarious motives. his motives may not align with everybody elses, but that doesn’t mean he’s against them.

5) I guess the chances “The Economist” is Charles Widmore just increased a great deal.

6) They mentioned the kids, so they haven’t been forgotten. They and Cindy the stewardess are still hanging out with Richard Alpert and the rest of the Others. Who, according to Ben, don’t want to rescue him. Mm-hmm…

7) Naaah.

8 ) Ben used the same gas to kill all the Dharma people, and also his dad. Apparently it was rigged up by the Richard and the original Others. Goodwin worked with it, and from his conversation with Juliet I’m thinking it was his and Ben’s little secret. So only Ben (and Juliet) of the Others know.

9) I think she was the smoke monster, just like other people who’ve appeared to the folks on the island.

10) I think not revealing him by this point is a slight cop-out. He’s going to have to be in all the remaining eps to warrant his name being in the credits of the first 6 eps, but not appearing in them.

11) I think Juliet also has her own agenda – to get home, and hasn’t gotten close enough to any of the Losties to die for them. But she’s obviously smitten with Jack, and is still a doc with a proven hatred for Ben, so enemy of my enemy….

12) I miss Sun and Jin and Claire even when they’re on the episode. Does Jack realize he just left Sun and Jin out searching in the jungle?

13) These people don’t know not to turn their back on anyone 🙂

7 03 2008

Two episodes and nothing about Miles with the grenade in his teeth. Did I miss a scene?

7 03 2008

*snork* i forgot that when we last saw Miles he was munching on a grenade. I bet his jaws hurt.

7 03 2008

W, good point. And Chris, if he’s been standing there for days, I bet he’s drooling like nobody’s business.

7 03 2008

Surely he’d be given some food and water at some point.

7 03 2008

I don’t know, Barry. Locke is pretty hardcore these days.
And with Ben walking around, who knows what’s going to happen. 🙂

7 03 2008

Cindy and the kids are hanging out with Richard at the temple. I really want to know what that temple is all about!

7 03 2008

Ha! I forgot about Miles.

I think the woman Juliet looks like is Ben’s mother.

8 03 2008
Joe P.

Juliet is eeeeeeeeevil. duplicitous too. jes’ eeeeeeeevil. that’s why ben likes her.

and i watched the “enhanced’ repeat of last week’s show before this week’s episode and actually picked up on a few things – like the numbers Desmond gives Faraday in the past are also the numbers they used to submit to the computer before it got blown up.

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