A Bunch Of Dogs

6 07 2008

And when they ride in the cab of a truck, they all want to be in the driver’s lap.




6 responses

6 07 2008

The dog in SQ’s lap reminds me of Jake!

Anyhow, were y’all in Nashville for the weekend? I thought I saw you last night.

6 07 2008

No, we were at SQ’s mom’s house out on the farm. I would have LOVED to have been in Nashville, but I was out in corn and soybean country.

6 07 2008

Oh, and her name is Kirby. She’s a miniature Schnauzer but we couldn’t bear to get the ears done.

7 07 2008

HAH! Love it! Teddy does the same thing! He could have his own seat in the passenger side and look out the window there, but nooooooo.

Don’t know what I’d do if I had THREE little buggers sittin’ on my lap while I drive. I’m not that great of a driver anyway!

7 07 2008

Took the parents’ pug for a ride last night. I think he thought he was driving….

8 07 2008

That’s hilarious. And something I wouldn’t be able to do if all five of my monsters were in the car with me.

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