Mabel Meets Zombie Elvis

10 03 2008

For Bad Bad Ivy and Cantalyssa at Home Ec 101.


Mabel encounters Zombie Elvis. She has fear in her eyes as she bows in terror of what the undead king might do to her. The large feet of Squirrel Queen do not frighten her as she is used to them stomping about the house.
She realizes that her fight against the undead is fruitless as no one wins against Zombie Elvis. She lies down to her new alpha and realizes that she has been made the canine version of Renfro in this zombie saga although she has no idea who Renfro is because she is, alas, a dog.
She does know Tom Waits played him in one of the Dracula movies because I told her so.
The End
Or Is It? 



3 responses

10 03 2008

Bahaha, she looks seriously offended!

10 03 2008

She was afeared.

Of course she’s afraid of wind, air, loud noises and lint. She was shivering in her doggie boots over Zombie Elvis.

10 03 2008

Good Mabel. Good….

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