Dead Salamander

17 04 2008

So here’s the story. I’m getting dressed this morning and I walked into my bedroom. As I am wont to do, my clean clothes were lying in a pile at the end of my bed.

I grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt and felt something really gross touch my foot.

It was a partially eaten salamander. Can we all say “blech” together?

I blame Duff the stinky dog as she hates critters. As we are are establishing Mabel’s team (caucusing is going on at this point) the only thing I know to do is put Duff in the CIA or as a Navy Seal or something.

We will have to deprogram her before she goes abroad as I really think she was an ultimate fighter or kick-boxer in another life.

Dead salamander on your toes as your stumbling about to get dressed is pretty gross.

I need a vacation.




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