Old Dogs

6 07 2008

Kirby is 12.

She was a dog we got from SQ’s mom and dad when their Schnauzers named Shultz and Sophie kind of hooked up. (Okay, they hooked up for two seconds and, BAM, babies.)

We said we would take the first dog out of the gate. It was destiny or something like that.

We got Kirby, who we received the day Kirby Puckett retired. She is also named after a West Tennessee drag queen named Eve Kirby.

We don’t discriminate.

The next day, the oldest niece was born. That’s kind of special, if you ask me, which you didn’t but I will tell you anyway.

Kirby lost an eye trying to escape a pen. The other eye is just blind.

She doesn’t like politics, tomatoes or cuddling. She is also annoyed by Duff.

Kirby is a dog/cat.

I worry for her because she is older, but she is a pretty, sweet dog. And, no, we couldn’t “cut” her ears so you get the Benji version of a Schnauzer.

When you don’t have kids, you love your dogs.

Just Saying.




4 responses

6 07 2008

Are you sure she’s 100 percent Schnauzer? She looks like she has poodle in her, which would make her a schnoodle, which would make her probably what my Jake was.
Also, the age thing. Man, 12 is starting to get up there and there isn’t one thing I can say except enjoy every single second with her.

Isn’t life cruel that Leni Riefenstahl lived to be 101 and out beautiful 4 legged children live to be about 13? (though smaller dogs tend to live longer–I have a friend with a 19 year old)

And blondie? Is that Sophie????? A wired haired terrier???

I haven’t talked about it publicly cause I’m still mourning Jake, but I adopted a blonde wired haired 3 months ago from the shelter….she’s older, and I named her Sophie. I’ll send you some photos of her.

Your Schnauzer blows me away. Did ever notice the similarity when I posted films or pics of Jake? Mind blowing.

You’re lucky to have her. 🙂

6 07 2008

Schnauzer=Sophie. I read it wrong.
What is the blonde dog, though? Is she a wired hair terrier?

6 07 2008

Oh Sharon, I have no idea what Duff is. She was thrown out a window and my sis found her. She’s been with me ever since.
Actually, Kirby is a Schnauzer. Both parents were and they belonged to SQ’s parent’s. They were registered, had an illicit two-minute affair, but they never registered the pups back in the day.
So, bam, she was ours.
I actually did notice she looked quite a bit like Jake. She’s very small but very muscular.
I should tell you the night we got her she jumped into a pizza. Right in the middle.
I will also say that Duff is the Alpha.
Mabel could care less about dog politics. 🙂

6 07 2008

I just love a dog lover!

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