Dear Steve McNair

17 04 2008

I always liked you. I liked you better when you played for the Titans but I always thought you were groovy.

You will be missed and if you are ever in Hoots, let’s hang out,

Love and whatnot,





3 responses

17 04 2008
chez beziat

Similar thoughts here. I swore I’d never buy a player jersey until I saw him play in against Cincinnati in our regular season opening game in ’99. He won me over with his play in that 36-35 victory and I bought one within the week.

I even became a bit of a Ravens fan when he left here for Baltimore.

17 04 2008

Best of luck, Steve.

24 04 2008

i don’t know much about steve mcnair, but my boyfriend claims he played football with him in high school for a while. he has pictures from newspaper clippings. i guess i need to learn a few things. to bad steve couldn’t fill me in himself. my boyfriend is luther bland. my email is who knows??? maybe i’ll get an email or something!!!!

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