Happy Blogaversary To Me

29 12 2007

It’s been two years.


I think the government should give me a bunch of money to build a time machine. Yeah, that would be cool and it would have a keg and David Tennant on board, who would entertain me by pointing out all the cool things in history that I probably have forgotten. Here’s my first post.

In my time machine that the government will pay for because they sho’ do like spending money, I will head back to 1960 and have a groovy dirty martini as I contemplate the next 48 years and how funny looking Richard Nixon was (or is, I wonder). As I wasn’t even a sperm then, I might just spy on my parents, but then that would be gross. Or, I could head back to the nineties, when I made more money and was not as saucy as I am now.

Or, I could just tip up a lovely Bass beer today and celebrate myself. (No one else will, so I have to do it.)

Man, I haven’t changed much, have I since day one, have I?

So thanks. It’s been swell. I’ve enjoyed you guys more than you will ever know. Thanks for lifting a beer with me on occasion, sending me nice emails and even having a friendly debate from time to time.

Blogging. Yeah, it’s fun. Keeps me sane.

Do you get Blog Birthday presents?

No, you say.


Anyway, happy day to you.




23 responses

29 12 2007
Jeffraham Prestonian

You’re my inspiration!

You keep it happenin’. All you, wif yo’ bad sef.

29 12 2007

Congratulations on your blogversary! I understand that Gerst House (Nashville) serves Bass on tap…just in case there is a field trip in your future.

29 12 2007

Yay! Congratulations. I only wish I’d joined the ride sooner.

29 12 2007
John I. Carney

Happy blogaversary!

29 12 2007

Happy Blogversary! I would go out for a beer with ya if I lived a little closer. πŸ™‚

29 12 2007

There’s no party, but nobody’s stopping you from getting a cake to celebrate. Or better yet, a pie. A blogaversary pie! Mmm.

29 12 2007

Happy Blogaversary!!!!

29 12 2007

Beer Pie?
Thanks guys.

29 12 2007

Beer Pie??

Well….hell, I’ll try it.

How ’bout some special brownies?

Yum. ;-]_~

Keep up the good work, T.

29 12 2007

Thanks Kona.

29 12 2007

congrats. happy blogoversary

29 12 2007

Hooray for you. Congrats on the milestone. BTW, if you get that time machine come pick me up cuz I always wanted to meet The Doctor and I love Bass Ale. Also, I love the fish pic.

29 12 2007
Joe P.

and the internets is a better place with your presence!

29 12 2007

Congratulations, ‘Coma. I’ll lift one for you this evening!

29 12 2007

Thanks to all of you.
Bass is lifted. πŸ˜‰ And Russ, I never drunk blogged “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

Yeah, I chickened out. One has to be “classy.”
Although I’ve never been known for that.

29 12 2007

Hurray! I’ll crack a Newcastle in your honor as soon as I finish my library run.

29 12 2007

Newcastle is my second favorite. Do it and read, dangit!!! You will make Rachel at WHN so happy.

Hey, I miss you already. When you coming back or when I’m winning the lottery to come see you?

30 12 2007

Happy blogaversary! And that fish is creeping me out. πŸ™‚

30 12 2007

Hee. I made a ton of ’em yesterday. A masthead for my own delight.
Yeah, it is creepy.

30 12 2007

Happy happy to you….y’know…my 2 year blogaversary went by and it totally missed my head.

30 12 2007

If Homer hadn’t reminded me, it would have been the same here.

30 12 2007
Glen Dean

Congratulations Newscoma.

30 12 2007

Thanks Glen! And everyone else.
Happy post-Newscoma Day!

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