14 03 2008

Couple of things.

I’ve had a long non-cyber day where I had to deal with kibble for the dogs (you know buying it) so I don’t have much to say because this day has been sorta gross.

Yes, this has been a screwed up day.

Adam, you and I agree on very little but we also agree on many things non-political. I’ve defended you amongst my fellow liberals. The reason is very simple.

You were fair.


And now you are gone and I’m going WTF.

With that said, Tennessee politics on-line have changed with your announcement today.

There is a Miller Lite with your name on it. I’m buying and you can have as many as you want.

Good luck and we move on to the next thing.

You had your opinion. I had mine. I wish you luck.

You are going to be fine.

It’s all good.

And you will be missed.

UPDATE: Joe Lance breaks it down better than anyone.



4 responses

14 03 2008

Yeah, this pretty much sucks. Not much else to say about it.

14 03 2008


15 03 2008

I just found out about this and put up a rant. This is the short-sightedness that is killing not just news-gathering, but business in America.

I hope their ratings fall to 9th.

15 03 2008

Like I said over at MCB, yet another great business decision, considering we’re practically up the presidential election’s ass right now.

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