Mid-Life Realization

13 03 2008

Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) is 69?

Jan Michael Vincent is 63?

Willie Nelson is 74?

Clint Eastwood is 77?

I’m 42?

How the hell did this frigging happen?




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13 03 2008

James Taylor just turned 60. Gene freakin’ Simmons is pushing 60 himself.

Kenny Loggins – 60

Alice freakin’ Cooper – 60

Steven freakin’ Tyler – 60

What kills me is those who “came after”, those darned kids, are getting old now.

Doogie Howser turns 35 this year. So does Juliette Lewis. So does Monica Lewinski, Tyra Banks,Nick Lachey.

I’d better stop now.

13 03 2008

I couldn’t go on after my first realization. I’m glad you carried it on.

I need a beer and an antacid. 😉

13 03 2008

How about an Ensure instead… and a nap in your chair while you watch the soaps?

13 03 2008

This might be something I need to ponder over but I end up watching the news and drinking beer instead, Missy.
I’m still living like I’m 29. 😉

13 03 2008

Well, I’ll be 50 in January, and I don’t need the Depends!


13 03 2008
claudia (cook eat FRET)

how did it happen?
you didn’t die…

13 03 2008
David Selvin

What gets me is that most of the colleagues I work with were born after Reagan was in office.
And why is it I am a senior member at work, yet I haven’t graduated to the grownup’s table at Thanksgiving? I just turned 41!

13 03 2008

Oh, David, yes. And it is sad yet a reality.
Jeez. Yeah.

13 03 2008

erg. i have had beer(s) and a Zantac. I am 44, so you seem quite young to me.

14 03 2008

I didn’t know Willie Nelson was ONLY 74. I imagined him older, what do I know.

14 03 2008

Well Claudia made a good point. I didn’t die yet which I think is a really good thing but every once in awhile (and it started with Mary Ann dammit) I realize that I’m getting a older.
It hits me like a sack of quarters upside the head.

14 03 2008
jim voorhies

Shit, Coma. Look at the bright side of it. I’m the age of some of those people. Now, that’s depressing. 🙂

14 03 2008

I’m just glad to be alive, Jim.
It’s a beautiful day.

14 03 2008

David Cassidy is 58 this year. Donny Osmond is 50 AND a grandfather.


14 03 2008

OK, it all sucks but the Donny O. as a grandfather I’m not sure I can take.


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