Memphis Mission

18 01 2008

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Memphis pondering unmentionable things (mainly because I just don’t want to mention them). Squirrel Queen and I have been driving around Midtown looking at stuff this morning, checking out the landscape, that sort of thing. I dig Midtown and think it’s just ducky.

First of all, if you guys are not reading Vibinc, then you should be. And you should meet him. And he needs to tell you his version of how Scientology began and then you need to pay him for giving you this lovely gift because it definitely is one of the most wonderful things you will ever hear or see in your life. He will most likely refuse your gift of cash, but he will probably let you buy him a drink.

Or he might take the cash. You never know.

I have decided that Left Wing Cracker is going to be my life coach. He has the job if he wants it. Anytime that I feel sort of insecure and useless, I think he will kick my butt and then when I get all bloated and full of myself, I think he’ll set me straight there too. If damn old Scott Baio can have a life coach, then I want one too. And I’m voting Left Wing. (ha, the pun, the irony.)

So, obviously I got to meet some of my Memphis buddies, made new buddies and even talked to Blinders Off on the phone who has this husky sexy voice that will take your breath away just a little. It’s that kind of voice.

Took care of some business, when business was done, had a beer. You know me, that’s pretty much my daily routine.

And then we talked politics and of course, I was in heaven. And, I’m going to say this for the Memphis crew. They are being very proactive in working with their candidates. I really admire and like that. Of course, I was asked who I was for and I hesitated.

And I still hesitate, but I will say this. The Memphis folks enthusiasm in working for their candidates was just about damned inspiring. Because, you see, everyone I talked to last night was doing something. I dug that.

I felt all smiley and happy last night but I had one of those moments that I can only compare to the Meg Ryan character faking the big “O” in a diner in the movie When Harry Met Sally.

I kinda felt like the lady (who was Rob Reiner’s mom if memory serves me right) saying “I’ll have what she’s having.”

I really need to be around political folks who are actually doing something. I need to be around the enthusiasm more than I am.

My secret mission will be taking me all over the place in the coming weeks.

And if you guessed that I was getting sexual reassignment surgery, you were wrong. Just saying.



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18 01 2008
Nashville is Talking » Secret Mission

[…] if you guessed that I was getting sexual reassignment surgery, you were wrong. Just saying. [Memphis Mission – Newscoma – 01-18-08] Spread It Around: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

18 01 2008

Consider this your second home.

Or first.

I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’……

18 01 2008


19 01 2008

Working on it all, LWC.

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