A Conversation With A CBS Producer

28 11 2007

It’s one of those stories you tell that makes you laugh and then you wonder about who’s in tune with the blogging world, and who’s not.

Monday, after dragging my cute, yet ample, butt into work, the groovy chicks at work immediately told me to drag my cute, yet ample, butt home. I didn’t argue. I felt like a slug that had been attacked by a five-year-old with a salt shaker.


So, I come home, put on the muumuu and started lying about the house, as I’m wont to do.

I noticed on my blog this comment from a producer from CBS’ Sunday Morning. I was a bit wigged out. Why did they want to talk to me? I’m in Hooterville, for Christ’s sake. I, of course, wondered if it was about meth, my illicit history of being a NSA spy or some Elvis trivia that I might now. (I know more about Porter Wagoner, go figure.)

So, I talked to my friend Scratchy Throat and asked him what he thought. He said “Maybe they think you are a writer for The Late Show.” I was like, cool, no one from CBS has ever wanted to yak at me before, so what the hell and old Scratchy pinned it.

Yeah, I almost had a heart attack. A big ol’ coronary.

So I called the guy and he did think I was a writer on The Late Show because I’ve been writing about it. He said he liked my style. I told him I didn’t write for Letterman but was available in 15 minutes if they were so inclined. In all honesty, I suggested he go to the The Late Show’s writers’ blog if he was looking for some information about it and for contact information. He laughed, we talked about how he came via Hooterville to get information about New York (where he was) on these innertubes and we went on about our day.

He also liked the southern style of my accent. I had my Scarlett O’Hara voice on and had put away the Larry the Cable Guy voice I use in juke joints and at football games.

Yeah, I’m smart that way.

Of course, he just needed some info, but still it was sorta cool.

Two things came to mind from this situation.

One, why aren’t you people hiring me? I’m fantastic. (I keed. I keed. Not really.)

Two, the Internet has made the world much smaller. The story tells itself. People in traditional media are looking throughout the blog world and are finding things of interest in non-traditional ways. This is important.

So, there you go. As I’m still hacking up body parts (this morning’s delicacy was my esophagus), I’m amused about it all.

Steve, if you see this, Hi and thanks.



9 responses

28 11 2007
Sharon Cobb

Maybe Norman Lear referred you to him.

Grrl, you’re kicking some serious butt with your blog!

28 11 2007

Thanks Sharon.

Now, if I could just figure that all out. 🙂

28 11 2007

Wayyyyyyy cool girl. I am impressed. Seriously. 🙂

28 11 2007


…and darn it…why DON’T they just cut to the chase and hire you????


28 11 2007
28 11 2007
chez beziat

Cool story. It’s always a bit weird to me when, after I write about a singer-songwriter or someone else in the news, that very person emails me and thanks me for sharing my thoughts. I humbly think, ‘I’m just a poor boy in Hermitage, TN. How’d they find me? This is very cool!’

I love the Internet. Heck, Steve Martin even thanks the Internet in the Acknowledgments section of his new memoir.

28 11 2007

* falls down in awe and admiration *

So he realized that CBS needs some REAL newsies around again, rather than relying on Kitty Coatrack? Good deal.

Sunday Morning is a stellar show. They’ll make you sob piteously and snort uproariously within the same five minutes.

Ooh. Kinda like ‘coma’s place, it is.

Tell Bill Geist I said hey. The big goon.

28 11 2007

Grandefille, I adore you!
Now that I’m looking for a new “opportunities”, I’m only hoping that David Letterman will see my Hee Haw humor and say, “I will pay you a bunch of money to get my coffee and not talk to me.”

Darn, no jobs. I’d be glad just to head to the city where I can have sushi when I want it.

Sending you hugs and Fresca.

29 11 2007

“Hee Haw humor”?

You think a man who’s made his living as a buck-toothed goober from Indiana is going to shrink from somebody who’s brilliant AND folksy? Jeebus Harold Price, woman. Hie thee to see the big tree and stop in to see your producer friend. Quickly!

You could always get Steve Cohen to put in a good word for you. I think they’re all still homies, even after Warren’s death. (snif)

Sending more hugs and more Fresca by return mail!

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