The Late Show Writers’ Blog

14 11 2007

The writers for The Late Show with David Letterman have a blog.

Here’s a taste:

So, I must admit, I was a little frustrated. I angrily spun around and screamed, “Quiet! We’re trying to shoot here!” Instead of being greeted by a drunken lout, however, I found myself staring at CBS President/CEO/Muckety-Muck Les Moonves wearing a suit whose value is more than what the WGA is asking for in this strike.

He shot me a look of pure hate that I normally only get from women I’m dating. It was a look that said, “Mark my words, someday you’ll pay for this!”

Mr. Moonves, I’m sorry for getting angry. I thought you were a drunken loudmouth. Wait, that didn’t come out right at all. But I’m sorry. Very, very sorry. Very, very, very sorry. It’s just I was so focused on creating top-notch comedy for your fine network, I didn’t realize who you were. Let’s just forget it, sir. I want to get back to creating top-notch comedy for your fine network. Thank you.

Tom Ruprecht

The writers are keeping a day-to-day account on the strike. And, some of it is really funny.

Check it out if you are so inclined. It’s pretty informative as well.




6 responses

14 11 2007

I found your site and was delighted. My first belly laugh of the day!

14 11 2007
Lake Neuron | The idle home office in Wahoo, Neb.

[…] to Newscoma for alerting me to the fact that the Late Show with David Letterman writers now have a strike blog. […]

26 11 2007
steve glauber

I am a producer with CBS News: SUNDAY MORNING.

Would you be interested in turning some of your blog into a SUNDAY MORNING story featuring not so much issues in the strike but your humor that you are currently writing? You deliver the lines and together we figure how to produce this segment(s)

212 975 7196

26 11 2007

uh…WOW! bingo…

28 11 2007
A Conversation With A CBS Producer « Newscoma

[…] noticed on my blog this comment from a producer from CBS’ Sunday Morning. I was a bit wigged out. Why did they want to talk […]

28 11 2007
Kathy T.

We ::HEART:: our Newscoma, y’all! Hee hee!

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