Interesting Story about Rielle Hunter

11 08 2008


This is odd.

H/T Kleinheider.




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11 08 2008

As a Generation X novel aficionado who has read all those books a million times over, I can only sit here with my jaw dropped open and go “dayyyyyyyum….”

11 08 2008

That’s exactly what I did, Lynn.

11 08 2008

John Edwards got himself mixed up with a real life Bret Easton Ellis character? Oooh boy, there no good way that could have ended.

11 08 2008

Excuse me, Brett Easton Ellis. The ol’ middle-name switcheroo.

11 08 2008

oddly enough, “Glamorama” has been the next book in line on my list for months – I’ve been trudging through “The Poisonwood Bible” all summer and lack 5 chapters to finish. This is more motivation to finish TPB and I’ll be paying extra attention to this Alison Poole character, for sure…

11 08 2008

Isn’t this just bizarre?

12 08 2008

If your library has old Vanity Fairs she was interviewed for one of their small popcult pieces a few months after the book came out, when there was movie talk. She wanted to play Allison. It had a nice black and white picture, Herb Ritts I think it was. She has NOT aged well.

I have that issue and that article around this mess somewhere, and it is NO-Where online. If you can find it and scan it, you’ll has a famus.

Best quote: “Like, I knew Big Brother was watching. But I didn’t know he was taking notes.”

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