Didn’t He See The Arrest Coming?

7 05 2006

It’s my Weekly World News moment, and, dadgummit, it’s in my very own state of Tennessee. When are they going to hire me? I’m all over this stuff.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A self-proclaimed psychic charged with tax evasion is now accused of forcing his way into a motel and attacking his wife and a man she was staying with, authorities say.

David Marius Guardino, 63, of Caryville had been allowed to remain free pending trial in federal court on the tax evasion charges. Now a petition to revoke his pretrial freedom has been filed following the April 27 incident with his wife.

According to arrest warrants charging Guardino with aggravated burglary and domestic violence, Wendy Guardino had been staying with Randy Pyles in a Lake City motel. The two allege the psychic and two of his friends forced their way into the motel room and attacked them.

Guardino is accused of failing to file tax returns for 1998 and 1999 when he earned nearly $345,000, according to a federal indictment. He filed a tax return for 2000 and claimed no income, but federal investigators said he made more than $68,000.Authorities accused Guardino of destroying documents and hiding his assets.

Guardino claims he is a seer and sorcerer, has talked to Elvis and can predict the future.



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7 05 2006

This isn’t a pretty picture. How about fleshing it out for us? How old is Wendy? How long had they been married? Did she make or have her own money, or was he keeping her?

I guess you can gather there is a statutory right to cheat on your spouse in a motel room without being broken in on and without physical rebuke. I always say hire a detective and file on adultery; but damn, judges aren’t making wives pay much for doing that in the cases I read daily. I must admit I haven’t compiled statistics on this, but that’s my honest impression.

As I said, it isn’t a pretty picture.

7 05 2006

I don’t know. Your lawyerese is coming out and probably rightfully so once you get past the non-psychic psychicness of the story. I just think its funny that he claims to be a psychic.
Don’t get me wrong. I sorta dig the psychic thing. Incidentally, wouldn’t the tax evasion charge have nothing to do with the domestic thing? Miss Cleo didn’t say that coming either.
She went to jail as well, didn’t she?

7 05 2006
Joe P.http://cupofjoepowell.nlogpsot.com/

First – “Randy Pyles”??? gotta be the funniest name I’ve heard in a while.

Second, my advice is rewrite the story playing up the psychic angles with your own wild speculation, attach a copy of the police report and send that puppy in as a freelancer.

Randy Pyles … oh my god.

7 05 2006
Joe P.http://cupofjoepowell.blogspot.com/

“Randy Pyles” what a great name.
My advice is to re-write the story and play up the psychic angle with some wild speculation and sent that puppy in.
Randy Pyles … that’s a keeper

7 05 2006
Joe P.http://cupofjoepowell.blogspot.com/

dang, there’s an echo here … sorry

9 05 2006

I’m still getting used to these comments.

9 05 2006

As in how to post on them. Sort of drives me nutty.

11 09 2007

Please be kind. Mr. Guardino recently passed away.

11 09 2007

Did y’all know that woman, Wendy Lee Golden, has been arrested on multiple drug charges including setting up a meth lab? Gotta love that story. Whatever happened to Randy Pyles?

11 09 2007

Wow, lots of comment tonight. Umm, where is the links? We would love those.

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