Chupacabra Taped By Sheriff’s Deputy?

12 08 2008

Well, it’s something. I don’t know what it is but it’s something.

A DeWitt County Sheriff’s deputy caught it all on tape.

For eight years, Corporal Brandon Reidel has been patroling DeWitt County, southwest of San Antonio. This time, he was involved in a different kind of chase — hot on the tail of what may be a chupacabra.

With a passing glance, it may just look like a dog or coyote.

But if you know the legend, you’re going to look a little harder.

Sorry, there’s no sound for the clip.

There’s more here with the a photo of the alleged Chupacabra found last year.

There’s some odd things in this world.



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12 08 2008
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14 08 2008
Bill Hoffman

Chupacabra is a totally nocturnal mystery, originating in Puerto Rico. The film shown is reminiscent of an Australian Dingo/Coyote. The jaws and teeth are not made for the Tyranusaurus Rex-like mutilations attributed to this mysterious creature.

The corpse pictured may seem to show evidence of a previous barbed wire entanglement.

14 08 2008

Can somebody please post a pic? My computer won’t let me watch the video. Is it like the Jersey Devil?

15 08 2008

Definitely a canine of some kind!

The tail’s too slender to be a full-blood coyote. More like that of a white bull terrier, in fact! Likewise, the snout is too long. More like that of a German Shepherd, or one of those African wild dogs that look like hyenas.

Admittedly, I’m just an armchair naturalist. But, my first guess is still some kind of coy-dog hybrid, with mange. My second guess would be some kind of feral dog with atavistic (genetic throwback) traits.

15 08 2008

Chupacabra is not a dog, it is believed to be an extraterrestrial being. That’s the dog that kept being found and thought to have some skin disease because of the lack of hair it has.

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