Tennessee Politics Blog Closes Shop

12 08 2008

From Adam Groves this morning.

After more than two years of reporting daily on Tennessee politics, I will be closing Tennessee Politics Blog. My reasons for doing so are personal – although I will say that at times it has been difficult to keep up the pace of a daily entry summarizing the news of the day. Late breaking news was often overlooked to the detriment of content and other blogs have risen since the time of this blog’s inception which have delivered the news in a far better fashion than I was ever able.

I went over there quite a bit. He was excellent in running down the political news stories of the day.

The Tennessee Blogosphere is constantly changing, isn’t it?




3 responses

12 08 2008
lovable liberal

Blogging every day takes a lot of energy. Trying to provide an exhaustive summary of any topic is hard – I need a snark day or a comics day myself from time to time, and I don’t try to cover all of anything.

Eventually, the really valuable blog services have to figure out how to get paid. I know I haven’t.

12 08 2008
lovable liberal

Y’know, looking at what I just wrote, I want to amend it: There’s real value in lots of blogging. It’s the stuff that lots of people rely on on a daily basis, the stuff that becomes a job, that has to get paid.

The rest of us can stay amateurs or semi-pro if we like, or we can try to make the leap to professionals like Atrios or Kos.

13 08 2008

Between blogging for yourself and friends and Kos, are a lot of bloggers who are getting ads. But you have to blog every single day and be consistent in your content.
Still, I rarely make enough to make a difference in my life, but anything is better than nothing.
I think Coma and Cat Pants are two blogs that would make money if they’d get off of WordPress!

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