Design A T-Shirt For Barack Obama

24 08 2008

As my sister, Homer, is a screenprinting maven and I know about 400 graphic artists, I thought I would pass this along from the Barack Obama website.

Obama supporters everywhere are taking their activism to a new level. Artists and designers are using their passion, their creativity, their ideas to design the next Obama campaign t-shirt.

It’s a tee by the people and for the people.

Your T-shirt entry will be displayed on our website, and the winning design will be picked by a truly democratic process — the votes of our supporters online.

It’s easy to get started, we supply all of the needed files for you to start designing. All you need to do is download the submission kit, which includes decorative art designs, official Obama logos, shirt colors and shirt images. Once you download the kit, just get started designing your tee. Be creative in your design! Once you have finished the design, you’ll submit it to the campaign by making a preview image and sending it through your account by August 31st. Then cross your fingers and be sure to tell all your friends to vote.

Now, I challenge a Tennessean to win this puppy and if you do, umm, recommend Homer to print them. Also, she and SQ made me a Newscoma T-shirt for my birthday last year. I’m angling for a Mabel for President for my birthday on October 7.

Yes, Homer, this is a hint.


Slogans For McCain T-Shirts

24 08 2008

As we were talking about Bigfoot T-shirts earlier this week, the Lovable Liberal has some ideas for T-shirts slogans for John McCain. I laughed.

Here is a sample:

Pick your favorite gibe and put it on a T shirt:

  • McCain doesn’t count his condos.
  • The White House would make an even dozen.
  • Ask me how many houses I have.
  • Can you pay? I left my wallet in my other … house.
  • I’m out of touch with my real estate empire.
  • Ain’t never been there, they tell me it’s nice

White People And T Shirts

8 03 2008

This post is pretty much exclusively for my sis, Homer, and her husband, Squeegee Monkee.

Many people and cultures view t-shirts as a simple piece of apparel that can be acquired cheaply and worn in casual situations. For white people, it’s never that easy. The t-shirt is one of the most complex and expressive items in their entire wardrobe.

Your choice of casualwear says a lot about you, and there are stringent rules and hierarchies associated with T-shirts that you must know before venturing into any white-dominated social situations.

From Stuff White People Like.

(Homer and the Man-Child-Boy-Monkee that is her husband of like a thousand and 12 years own a screen printing shop. That would probably make more sense to you as why I’m posting this. I am, possibly inaccurately, that this post will make them laugh.)